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Com slash a. C. C s ex him It's On Lee four possessions, but Louisville's had but bad trends when I mean by that is Sam made a terrible decision, tried to scope between three defenders and got himself a turnover that led to a bucket at the other end for points off turnovers. They have been on their heels. Defensively, They're reacting to them too late, giving up threes and their offense has been a little stagnant. So they've been careless to get very three zip on the three point line. Everything they cannot do they've done in the first three minutes seconds, made all four shots, two of them three. Is Louisville has Mr three shots. David Johnson skips over to the top right now find some space over there. Works it down to the right of the lane throws out front to Williams on his floating runner bounces off the iron rebound. The flex outside scooped up by Davis and the crowd drop stuff underneath. A fabulous son has put in by Withers. Big time offensive rebound. If you're struggling, you gotta make a play off the ball and rebounding is technically off the ball, great rebound and then a nice passing traffic by Davis and Withers strong enough. To draw the foul and get the bucket to go down. We'll be Subedi committed the foul so Withers will try to complete the three point play. The freshman knocks down the free throw on the Cardinals Get off a snide It's now 11 to 3 Virginia Tech with a lead three minutes into the game. BT in the front court on Jones, baby starts to the right comes back to the middle Girls out to Arlene gets it right back starts to the last throws it back outside a Lula skims the room with a three rebound bandit into the air but run down by David Davis fires a pass ahead, Jones, Charlie Jones dances into the circle. Bobble the dribble and throws to the right to Withers crossover dribble. Pullup jumper by Withers nailed Nice touch pretty slick move by Windows it about a 12 ft jumper. That's his range. He's good, and that may arrange, especially on the baseline. Consummate 11 5, Virginia Tech leads baby Girls of the top of the circle throws back to the high left handle UMA alumina inside the art now drives it stops in the lane. He's dangerous down there, but those who pass the Senate After By Jove, he's ahead of the field for a layup. Well, that in time out, they got exactly what they needed An offensive rebound A steel they've gone on a seven run in less than a minute, and they're right back in this thing. Text or the 1st 11 Louisville answers with the next seven. We played four minutes. Attack was a possession goes to the right just below stolen again that steal by gray Davis scoops in the front court on the dribble, Davis passes off David Johnson considered a three backs away. Johnson throws across the high left Jones Jones holds it on US. Hit looks comes to the top of the circle. Jones stops throws to Williams up for the right starts to the lane is floating jumper bounces off the rim. Follow attempt by Davis couldn't secure the ball. Tech comes down with it. He runs it in the front court. Speedy screws to the top of the circle leaves it all for Bradford Bradford back out top two months much closely guarded by Jones gives a bump up outside baby with it. They're still a little again. Knew Elaine comes around of the circle Fast. Batting away again. Stolen by Jones. Garlic Jones races in and lays up, go together to break away and lay ups. After steals. My car like Jones and Louisville has scored nine in a row. It's 11 and nine Virginia attacks like a pocket billiards game. They got 11. Lulu's got nine and they're still at the table and the crowd on their feet for didn't attack with the ball. Get it to a little's Almost another. Still, Denbigh withers on the palace past Bt starts down to the right throws back out to Olivia. Louima now gets rid of the ball out too much for three missed that one. And there's David Johnson to secure the rebound for the cars. David runs ahead in the front court gives the ball away to Jones Jones across the Florida Davis starts into the foul line back out front. Whether it's gives it up to Johnson Johnson gets it down. The Withers kicks the left corner. Jones, Carly drives into the lane pivots fadeaway jumper by car. Late comes up short rebound snagged by monks. Virginia Tech leads 11 Nine as they bring it in the front court. We'll be Sabeti sets it up out front. Take a quick look back and coach Mike Young standing now near mid court, arms crossed lady stands there on the dribble. Find Selene at the top left houses down the months on Davis Much wants to back it in, throws it back outside. Darlene jumps in the lane. His contestant runner misses but felt on the shot. That'll finally get us to a time out, but free throws coming up for Virginia attack after they Louisville foul check. It's on. I couldn't tell for sure was on Williams and Sam Williams, his first. Felton, first on the cards will get to a break with Virginia Tech awaiting a little bit of levity..

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