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You ever retort. Look on your. You've that we acted like it was impressive to beat nolan in anything i was like. Oh this valley. It's really not house. Mostly read remembering a time when i defeated four. Mma jones just losing to me does a good job against you actually like. You're acting like we've met before. Like i understand in your dreams. Maybe that you've you've concocted these scenarios where you've met jose young's in your in your travels it just hasn't happened my man so he tongue itself that And i'll just playing on cool guy go back to eating your rollo's and you're raising your piece on these days. No joke mike. At a dream that i had a a serious about it for this week and out supposedly Machida has like mit tough. what did he all out last week. My who did this individual call out last week. John actually all okay. So why are you calling out individuals that you claim are worthy opponents. Are you trying to quote. Take the easy way through live. Probably again probably probably true as you. It's easy it's very easy to say you ran six miles. It's another thing to actually get up out of. Your chair can go upstairs so yes. Continue to call people. You think are easy. Continue on my. I apologize for my opponent for interrupting. Well i know I know alex. Kelly will not be thrilled about any negative talk regarding the ultimate fighter and no researching. The new england man nolan king. Good good good dude. We'll move along at his aac as birthday. After also we will not besmirch the ultimate fighter any longer the point variety to ghosts too. I how could you not give it to the emotional. Jose young's after just laying it out there with passion absolute passion. I don't know if i dig the personal attacks. I think the fans dig it. They they they wanna see they feel like jose is turned this into a sort of a street beef. There's beef that's how you fix tough. You just give it to the street or the freud.

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