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To projects that have already shown some some value and this coupled with basically like a prediction market through an investment ecosystem. Right so like one of the ways of doing this. Well obviously you you could just as a solo developer develop something like spend your own time work for free and then if you create something that's really valuable then. After two years you get a big attractive granted and it was all worth it but you could also do. Is you could do you issue. What what. I call project tokens right. So you just create a project token for a project and you could set up some mechanism. Anyone who could you be project. Some project tokens. I'm you couldn't even sell. Some project tokens on unit swap. And then the project tokens become tradeable. And you think about it. Was that right like a project token for the world computer definitely And the would be that like these. This retroactive grant mechanism. Would then basically just by up. The project tokens after the facts. Right and so not only do the founders of the project benefit but also anyone who bought into the project silken and so gave the gave the founders like funding in fiat or ether. Whatever normal currency is to actually do the work ahead of time they would also get rewarded for that. So i think the core principle behind attractive public goods finding is that like institutions in general. I think they're either centralized or decentralized if an institution is centralized than it ends up excluding a lot of important perspectives and if an institution is decentralize conformist right. Those are both problems and so but in both cases it's easier for something conformist to be right about retrospective questions to be right about what what already was important than it is for something to inform us to be right about prospective questions and look back on the last years we can say like certain vaccines were. Yes if certain certain vaccines were humanity. Had we thought about that years ago perhaps it would have been right exactly alike. I think can take life extension research for example right like this is sort of my one of my pet entrepreneurial public goods that i think is really important so there's like someone like aubrey de grey like he has just been working really hard on just making life extension research happen ever since the early two thousands of pretty much. Nobody believed him. And there just isn't an institutional structure by which people who believe in these kinds of things ahead of everyone else get any kind of reward for it and so like kind of structure existed then. Aubrey could have gotten quite a bit more. I kind of fire economic firepower behind him much more quickly without also worked for private investment. If you think that there could be like retroactive. vc investment. Well i think like the investment already is retroactive investment right because the investment itself as proactive and retroactive is the exit right so like a lot of the ecosystem is already implicitly. A retroactive grants program. Because there is an entire set of startups who is exit. Strategy is entirely entirely designs on the possibility. They'll just get bought up by facebook and google. This is this literally exists right and there's plenty of start up so just pitched to of this as possible exit for us so basically i think still a large extended already exists in the startup space. Try truck public goods finding isabel taking that same principle and basically making an equivalent version of that but where the metric people are optimizing for instead of just.

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