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So what are we learn? But I can I. I think I described this case a couple of episodes ago given up date before we go Russian because people were asking me about it this week. I had the case with the kid who was seventeen at the time who was supposedly doing a hundred miles an hour. I'll though it's apparent to me after the trial and based on the preliminary hearing that he's probably doing sixty. We tried. The case was picking a jury. I think last time I talked to in Pomona, do you? Remember, this is the what should have been vehicular manslaughter and the DA or the prosecutor was going for murder for murder. Yeah. And I said. After thirty five years gone on thirty six year. I remember my entering my thirty six year of practice. The idea of sitting next to a kid who was seventeen at the time comes from a tremendous family having to see the other family where the mother had been killed and one of the kids was seriously injured and there in the courtroom. And obviously there's talk about no winners. I mean, you know, you got one side of the family the courtroom with one family one on the other no winners and beyond me, why the DA's office decided this was a murder case. But from the lawyer standpoint, they wouldn't do what I wanted to do. I kept saying look this is nothing but for Hitler manslaughter on its best day, I'm willing to plead open, meaning I'll plead to the court let the court decide what the best thing is. They would not doing what the definition of the Hickey for manslaughter. Let's see if we can distill this down. It's I've killed someone while driving while driving a car and vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence means that you're not operating as the ordinarily, right? I was intoxicated. I was speeding. I was showboating. I was whatever and singer and Mike car or pedestrian or someone else in another automobile exhaust dad, it's because I've driving a car because I was driving in an unsafe manner. Correct. And in this case, and when it. There's all those from their right to murder to get it from there to murder you have to have had model. Simple. I. Things are how does that. That was the days in nineteen..

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