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Another group saw that study in. W- let's look at the the antiviral effect of Horse Chestnut in killing R. S. V. Respiratory. Whatever virus that usually. It's a virus that's not Cov- but it is. Rsv So it's a mouse. This is it shows that it has the ability to do certain things. The reason why this one was so cool was that day infected mice with RSV and they demonstrated that the Horse Chestnut extract decreased. Inflammatory markers specifically one called. I'll six that's relevant Katie. Because a study just came out where they now are looking at when somebody shows up to the hospital if they check their. I'll six level. That is a prognostic sign on whether the patient will need an ICU. Bed or they're going to do good. That particular inflammatory. Marker seems to be something that sets off the side of kind store some reading an article that was done now. These articles that are done in two thousand four two thousand fourteen. These are these are lab articles showing this. I'm like Oh my gosh. It's makes total sense so if you block island if you don't allow the body to overreact then you're attenuating this cytokine storm which killing young people then fun to other studies where they're looking at other viruses like HIV. Dang gay and the activity of the extract. These people were trying to determine because of the other through studies. Are we able to make a drug on this so they wanted to pull out the Beta ason portion of it just meaning like all things we see this all the time in traditional medicine? If there's something that works naturally then somebody's going to try and figure out. How do we extract that molecule and mass produce a molecule so that we can get a patent because it's very hard to patent mother nature so they compared the whole chestnut extract versus? Just what was supposed to be a drug? And they determined that when they gave pneumonia to mice. And I'm sorry I know there's probably animal lovers out here but this is a lot of the studies that we get unfortunately but when they gave him only two mice they showed that the whole chestnut extract the chest x Ray did much better in decrease in the inflammatory markers in the mice had much better clinical outcomes so trying to just take one little thing out and go. Oh I'M GONNA I'm GonNa make this and just move on so just the straight up. Antiviral effect is pretty impressive at least in the lab and so that was the first step. Which is we're GONNA have antiviral effect for you. I mentioned or you said the ace inhibitor. I explained that the way that the virus actually gets attached to the as two receptor is through a proteinase. So right now there are tons of studies will on over thirty five when I last checked looking at protease inhibitors to try and help the SARS Cov to virus so protease inhibitors is what president trump is getting on TV and talking and goes. We're GONNA talk about hydroxy chloroquine and a secular and there's great studies going on with all these protease inhibitors because that's what we that's what was developed for age to treat AIDS so there's two different studies looking at the anti protease effect of polly females. Polyphenyls have been shown to block the SARS Cov- twos ability. So in the first part I'm referencing SARS cubs two thousand three now talking about the virus that causes Kobe. Nineteen two different studies looked at the anti protease effect. One looked at three antivirals and eleven. Different polyphenols in different classes. This show that the polyphenyls as effective as the antivirals in being a protease inhibitor. So then a group out of Turkey and Pakistan Red Dot and their lab published a comparison where they're looking at the binding strength of one commercial protease inhibitor. Compared to twenty-six polyphenyls the conclusion was twenty four polyphenyls out of mother. Nature outperformed the Commercial Nelfinavir. Which is used an AIDS treatment so I loved what happened here. One Academic Institution said we read the data from two thousand four. We're GONNA now do a study on SARS come to and then another one said we wanNA know if binds harder to or not as much in it outperformed the antiviral that was there the commercial antiviral have. I lost you completely yet. No that's really astounding. I'm not surprised that Mother Nature can outperform. But that's incredible to know we have those tools. It's pretty wild isn't it? I mean imagine being somebody who's studied these molecules for ten years and I'm just like uncovering one after another going now no and I'm like rubbing my eyes I'm like am I. Am I delusional my in an ICU? Bed Right now intimated and this is how. I'm trying to cope with this that. I'm seeing that I can help this so now. Let's talk about so the first one was it's it's it has the possibility of killing the virus. The second one that has the possibility of not allowing the virus. Attach the third one that I mentioned is. Don't allow the virus to actually replicate in your cells. What we do know is that zinc is critical to this. But you can't just take tons of zinc you have to get the zinc into the cell intracellular. Zinc is the key to this. Because we figured out that if zinc's to sell it will block let's call the Arna polymerase of SARS of two so when this virus infiltrate sell it hijacks it it goes up to the ARNA preliminaries and says I need you to replicate me a billion times and the Arne polymerase normally as well if you're in the cell. Oh that makes sense all right so they tell the ribe zome everybody we gotta start replicating this now and then the virus gets replicated so zinc comes in there and says now wait a minute let me see your let me see your security pass so to speak and zinc blocks that from happening but you have to zinc into the cell and what you need there is called a zinc ion afor so a zinc ion afford drives zinc into the cell. Guess what hydroxy chloroquine is we've all been talking about the antiviral effects of Hydroxy Chloroquine. Pla- Quinnell plus a cycle of beer. But hydroxy chloroquine is here. That's one of the methods that some of these virologist feel that it's killing the virus or helping some people driving zinc into the cell so we found an article in two thousand fourteen which showed that polyphenyls like Carson in an SEC act as zinc ion fears meaning. They drive zinc into the cell. So it pushes it in there. We're looking at doing a mass drug hydroxy chloroquine which new data coming out that it may have a toxic effect on anybody on a diabetic medication called foreman. And there's reasons for that and it can cause some prolongation in in college can run out of the drug and all these other things and some researchers showed. Hey Do you know that these polyphenyls Mother Nature gave us can actually drive zinc into the cell? Nobody is talking about this and we. I've been joking around with my team. I'll say something and people will blow it off and then a month later the news will be like we don't to. They'll say something that I've been talking about because you know to make it into the news. I don't know what what you have to do or do something but I'm over here going okay. So this is all like okay. Now wait a minute. There's no there's no way Katie. At times I feel like this time off and when I've been doing this it was either divine intervention or Kismet or whatever it is that fate but it's just like one step is leading to the next so now so we've talked about that so now. I want to talk about this whole thing about this Predator tele `bacterial. Nobody's talking about it yet. But I've been looking a lot of the data a lot of the research coming out of China. A lot of doctors like we don't understand how some crash and burn so fast. New evidence is showing that SARS Cov- to virus may have this accomplice called Prep Attala which is why it can be so infectious and people can have really were rapid. Pneumonia crash and burn an hours and two studies out of China have demonstrated that SARS Cov to the causes covered. Nineteen has the ability to integrate with this bacteria. Called prevot. Hella. The virus can actually has a way to get into the bacterial species. And then it can hide so when you test for your negative but it can get the Potala to start replicating itself one of the theories of these. These different studies coming out. Prevot AL is found in the Gut and many patients that are dying of pneumonia are being cultured with prepa Tele Bacteria as 'cause here's what's wild. Two thousand. Seventeen study in cattle looked at giving Cabrera show to cattle to see if that helps them. Gain weight have better milk production and things like that well. The conclusion was that it actually made the count much healthier and like an afterthought I never would have seen this article after thought. It was the only interesting conclusion was after checking the bacterial content of these cattle. And they just like aspirated the stomach. The unique factor was privy. Tele species were drastically decreased adding to the fact that Privata can actually cause problems in cattle so they viewed it as a positive thing so tobacco can actually get rid or at least in. This study has been shown to be bacteria sidled to prevot Tele. Two bracho was the molecule that we studied that I that I always call the workhorse of tr- until but because it's a large polly phenolic compound that can help get rid of different gases and things like that and it appears that it's bacterial Seidel to maybe co accomplice of SARS Cov to imagine you're going to be hearing more about this in the near future as it starts making mainstream media right now. It's all over the academic literature where people are like that makes sense makes.

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