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Did divers found the final four bodies on Friday more of these, stories, that townhall dot com How much do you spend on your. Pest control each year two hundred three hundred or. Even five hundred dollars or more, what if I say you could spend less. Than twenty five dollars a year even, less with, probably Mike radio twenty and listen, up gay I'm Scott from plugging pest free and yes it. Is possible to rate your high more business of unwanted pass. For less than twenty five dollars. Per year the answer is plugging pest free how bestseller the Plugin pest free pro will cover up to four thousand. Square feet now that's fed income for. Just a one, time cost of finally two hundred forty, nine dollars even less with Primorye radio, twenty you'll be free for years to come log onto go pest free dot com today use promo code radio twenty and start driving those pests away darn spraying regret plugging and forget go pest free dot com that's go pest free dot com Tom primarily code radio twenty Dr Charles Neider and tells us about an, organization that provides free medical dental and veterinary care to remote areas of the US is holding a free clinic for uninsured and underserved Americans at the. Wise county fair grad Virginia this weekend as many, as, eight, hundred volunteer doctors nurses dentists and others will provide free care for about fifteen hundred. Residents of this Appalachian region you can learn more about their work. At RAM a. dot ORG this is Dr Charleston, battery, reporting from Washington, regulators Friday approved a simpler one dose treatment to, prevent, relapses of malaria status rape and takes..

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