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Welcome back in. What some might say was a revival of some normalcy. Joe biden went and visited with bob dole. Yesterday we learned our earlier. This week that bob dole had stage four lung cancer and in and in some ways just the fact that mr republican being visited now by mr democrat felt very normal in two thousand sixteen environment But kristen welker. I think the big news from the week on the biden administration side was a reminder of how important joe manchin is to the success or failure of the biden agenda. He announces that he can't support the confirmation of near tanned. As the budget director her tweets had been something that had been an issue to a lotta people and he writes. I believe her. Overtly partisan statements will have a toxic and detrimental impact on the important working relationship between members of congress and the next director of the office of management and budget. For this reason. I cannot support her nomination. How upset is the white house scare. And did they not see this coming. I think they thought it was a real possibility. They are trying to express confidence chuck. I spoke to a number of administration officials who say look we feel as though there is still a chance to peel off one or two moderate republicans but who are those republicans that remains unknown. So they're not giving up on this nomination just yet. But i think you do speak to the broader point. Chuck which is that. The biden agenda is dependent upon being able to bring along. People like senator manchin kirstin cinema. What happens with a fifteen dollars minimum wage. For example we know that progressives are pushing hard for that senator bernie sanders wants that to be in the covid relief package but joe manchin. Here's some cinema saying they're not going to support it so it's not just with these nominees. It's with the broader biden. And this is going to be the real push and pull moving forward not just with cove relief but on immigration on climate all of these packages president biden wants to move forward on are going to be challenged by bring up another issue cornell and that was the cancellation of student debt. We heard president biden asset townhall about cancel cancelling at a level of fifty thousand. The biden plan is ten thousand. He was asked if he was going to revise that. And he's like no and that got some pushback from elizabeth. Warren chuck schumer signed on with it at the end of the day. This is joe biden being squeezed on one hand by joe mansion in some things and on the other hand by elizabeth warren well but this is politics and quite frankly and and as someone who works and lives in washington. It's not a bad thing to south. Politics is supposed to happen. You're supposed to be it's supposed to be competing comp- competing interests here But the but the difference. Is i think so democrats. They may have different ways of getting to those goals. But but and that's where the where the fighting is but there's no disagreement on on the overall goals when you look at where democrats are are divided if they're divided on student loans. You know we all want to get to a better place on student loans. I it so the overall goal is even on healthcare which which we have a lot of fighting between the progressive wings and the more moderate wings. The there's no fighting about the overall goal of democrats are in fact to get to more more universal coverage. The final democrats sire comes about sort of how you get there. And here's an here's a dramatic difference. That i gotta say this truck. This dramatic between democrats republicans. No one is organizing a effort to block joe mansion from from being part of leadership because he voted for because he voted against this joe. Manchin won't be censored because because of this it is a big party. And i think that i think that's a good thing politically susan. Is it a healthier divide among the democrats than what we're seeing on the right. Yes i think so. I think actually i think what's been remarkable about democrat. So far is the way they've hung together you know. The house is poised to pass With just democratic votes if necessary that first big legislative legislation the covert relief. Bill the senate is expected to do the same. they'll need to hold. Not only joe manchin but also bernie sanders. They need to hold every democrat. They've got the big test. I think will come later in this year with the second big legislative vehicle the recovery act because that will be a battle over what to do about climate change immigration and taxes and that will be maybe the last big train out of town for the first phase of the biden presidency. I think that's where we'll see. Real pushes and pulls among democrats. Pat mccrory is penalty for a republican. Who wants to vote for this. Covert relief you know. Maybe they're in a moderate district. And they're like i like seventy percent of it. I'm voting for you think. There's a penalty for that inside the party. Well i think the penalty for whether it be republican. Democrats are from the blue collar worker that you referred to in the past. The democratic party has been Influence heavily now by the university elite and somewhat by the corporate elite and for example the one point nine train but dollar bill even ten thousand dollars to pay off student loans. Well the blue collar worker. Saying why should i pay taxes for a kid to get bailed out of college. That's a direct insult to a lot of blue collar workers and immigration policy of opening up the borders. It's the blue collar workers saying found. Wait a minute they're gonna take our jobs. I do actually think. Joe biden is sensitive to that idea that not. Everybody feels like they should pay for everybody's private school tuition on that front anyway. But a terrific panel. Thanks a lot everybody. And that's all we have though for today. Thank you for watching. We appreciate that. We'll be back next week. Because if it's sunday it's meet..

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