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The Ukrainian government didn't know their military and was on hold at the time president trump and his phone call with the president you crane congressman Jim Jordan says this shows there was no pressure this was a very good day for the truth a very good day for the president United States good day for the country new uncertainty hangs over the democratic presidential race is ten candidates with on the debate stage tonight and Lana no longer is there a clear front runner and new candidates are joining the race the the default Patrick nor Michael Bloomberg will participate tonight it was only last month the US withdrew troops of north east Syria and Turkey lost an invasion along its border turning the courage to and work to regain the territory ISIS and claimed lives of the Wagner reports a new government report says ISIS is now working to take advantage of recent events in Syria now with a reduced ability for the U. assets partner forces to conduct operations against the terror group a new report from the Pentagon's watchdog for the war says that isis will try to reconstitute its operations inside Syria the defense intelligence agency even saying in the report that a reduction in US and Kurdish counterterrorism efforts inside Syria will give ISIS quote the time and space to expand its ability to conduct trans national attacks targeting the west Elizabeth McLaughlin ABC news one person has been looked a Virginia man has been accused by the feds in Florida I'm trying to help ISIS with bomb making videos Matt deadline has that story one verse minutes been looking around me Langhorne for a while and twenty fourteen they say he posted support prices on Facebook and has two Twitter accounts with jihadi in the name he's accused here of telling an undercover agent what was necessary to make an explosive so that person could great for him a video of how to do it Langhorne then allegedly posted the video he's charged in Florida where he lived until April when he moved to be near family outside Roanoke Langhorne also allegedly posted extremist videos on you too nat damn line news radio W. R. your next news at eight o'clock news on demand it news radio W. R. V. A. dot com I'm Gerry has on.

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