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A rehash a because we're all kind of aware of how bad squad guy down but the diamondbacks had four triples in their previous thirty six postseason games combined combined an archie bradley goes out hits a triple becomes the first reliever in postseason history to hit a triple so all these things across the board that really should set the tone for a game last night too for jews far as i'm concerned for major league baseball twofer twofer for that crowd and now sets the diamondbacks up well going forward they're going to face the dodgers on friday in the late game arizona eleven eight against the dodgers in there and again set up pretty well going forward arizona's manager toilet ruled talked about pulling ranki early in that game why he decided to do so i think would in this game and it was my mind said it was kind of a strategy that i had was that you would have tried cut off moments and this is a ball club here the rockies that can really turning sideways in a hurry and i felt like they were starting to get their motor running and i wanted to a wanted to turn off the moment i felt like the best option was to get zaqout out of the game at that point time than we reload and figure out what to do the next thing first alas my goal junior here on espn radio in the espn app the next three innings that gave up one run so looks to be the right decision made their and that gets into a whole rama about how you manage these wild card games a little bit differently just because of the one in done nature i know that got disputed a lot the other day the idea of should this still should still be a one game series this change the dynamic.

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