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Slow from the New Hampshire line heading up towards You got heavy pockets much of the way up into Maine. Now, rob Tackle disease traffic on the threes. And now here's the four day W B Z ack You weather forecast it will be a mostly sunny day today. Very warm. Eyes of 83 to 89 in the city and inland areas eighties at the beaches Tonight partly cloudy It'll start to be McGee again tonight. Not today, though we're going to get a little bit of relief from the humidity. Today it comes back around tonight Attempts dropping down to 70 degrees tomorrow. It'll be a muggy day with a possible thunderstorms in the afternoon. Partly sunny, though breezy as well. A high of 84 on Sunday. So today is definitely the better pick of the weekend. Monday. It's going to get really hot highs in the low to mid nineties. It'll be hot and humid with a mixture of sun and clouds Tuesday. It'll cool down mostly cloudy, but we will have showers and a possible thunderstorm as well. Right now 77 in Weymouth. It's 88 in matter poison 84 degrees in Woburn and 80 degrees once again here in Boston. It's 12 35. New England could feel feel the effects of Hurricane Zaius this week. Right now it's a minimal hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of around 75 miles an hour moving northwest through the southern Bahamas, and it's heading right for the Florida Coast. W B c TV meteorologists Zack Green, likely going to strengthen in the next 24 hours before having its eyes set on the eastern side of Florida and then starts making its turn off towards southern New England. All right, we could be affected early next week is the ninth named storm of this season and typically hurricane season peaks around the months of August through October, right planning on traveling if so, heads up. A new travel order for Massachusetts goes into effect today, visitors and.

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