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Forced to turn over secret. Bob Mueller report materials Here's more. It's not a complete surprise that the Supreme Court has decided that it wants to take a look at the issue. Of whether the grand jury material that's in the Middle Mueller report should actually be given to the House Judiciary Committee. The key issue here is whether an investigation by the House Judiciary Committee falls within the exceptions for disclosure of grand jury material that is legal analyst Laurie Levinson. The bottom line here, though this is pushes the case to atleast 2021. That's significant because we have a presidential election this year, November 2020 So it is a legal victory for the Trump administration. Meantime, briefings go on and Capitol Hill lawmakers demanding more info. On those alleged Russian bounties. Here's ABC is Katherine Folders with the very latest, The Trump Administration is planning to brief the gang of eight on Capitol Hill today on the intelligence behind reports. Russia offered bounties to Taliban militants to kill US troops in Afghanistan. The gang of eight a bipartisan group of senior lawmakers is regularly briefed on sensitive intelligence, a source tells ABC News. They will be briefed by the director of National Intelligence. John Ratcliffe, CIA director Gina Hospital in General Paul Naka Sony, the commander of U. S. Cyber. Command. The briefing comes as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have demanded more information. President Trump has tried to discredit reports on the information as made up in a quote hoax designed to slander him. Catherine Folders ABC News, The prime minister of Australia is considering an offer of safe haven to the people of Hong Kong, threatened by China's move to impose a tough National security law on the territory Great. Britain is already extending residency rights from 23 million Hong Kong residents, one of Ohio's biggest cities, is rocked by a political corruption probe. Jim Priscilla, with CBS News has more. 1/3 of the members of the Toledo, Ohio City Council are facing federal bribery and extortion charges. The four can still attend council meetings and vote. Mayor Wade Caps a cavity in my judgment right things for these members to resign. The president of the Toledo City Council is also calling out his indicted colleagues to resign. Their arrest. Follow a lengthy FBI corruption investigation. Jim Krystle, a CBS News Housing and Greater Boston is not created equal. Double BBC's Carl Stevens reports on new research revealing discrimination runs rampant among black renters and those with housing vouchers. Suffolk University researchers with a grant from the Boston Foundation used 200 testers 100 black 100 white. Some had housing vouchers. Some did not. Tony Gupta with the Boston Foundation says the study finds rental agents and landlords in the Greater Boston area routinely discriminated against blacks and voucher holders. For many of us working on affordable having issues. This company no surprise. We've known that discrimination Not to the degree that the study revealed. I think it's time that we ended our acceptance of this discrimination. Panelists discussed a number of ways to address the problem. One thing, they said, would be to enforce existing laws which make rental discrimination on the basis of race or having a housing voucher illegal. Charles Steven Stubby BC Boston's news radio state is.

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