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So our friends at Coachella have announced their line up this year would you please do the honors because the machine that's here listening to also Travis Scott Frank ocean lobby had let headlining the Coachella Valley music and arts festival which happens this April in Indio the star studded lineup also includes a Meghan the stallion Lana del Rey and K. pop stars Big Bang organizer's tweeted Thursday that weekend one of Coachella is already sold out to but the we have I'm Jan zero and millennials and some boomers and all of sand and Gen X. as in all of them are going mad you know the other two gentlemen who are part of this program this morning are are much better versed in this topic tonight but got no one seems to be all that impressed with the line up Coachella right right I mean they've had big I think beyond say and I mean they have big stars and for some reason this year in a lot of people are saying okay the big star stay away if the big stars are performing I guess you think that might happen all I can imagine that can you imagine if you know they call Beyonce and she's like who's there they read this list is and I'm out past us get some milk so have you had a Cup of coffee a cuppa tea this morning is there any chance you're addicted to caffeine what the science tells us about caffeine addiction that's coming up in our next half hour Americans in Iraq are being told to get out security is being stepped up in American cities as well this morning as I ran vows to retaliate for US forces killing a top Iranian general we're going to have the latest on that the day's top stories a busy news morning your forecast as well it starts in three minutes on news ninety three point one KFBK live everywhere on the I heart radio app always is you.

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