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K. T. O. K. well that's great do they it's like the new yep hot it's almost like the struggle all over again that's that's happy new year party music for you mark cited for rush on America's number one radio show okay the parties I've let me as well on the door one of the new roaring twenties in the course of the show made look back on some of the big themes a recent yes but one thing that is relevant to today's headlines and to the last decade or so is that we have really stupid elites and that's the problem you can you can you can have a leech that the the claim to power that that elitism rests on is that the elites a super talented and incisive they're better than you that's why that relate to and that's why we should let them run the well but we have really dominantly it's an a a good example of this Eric came up in the context of impeachment professor Laurence tribe he's one of these famous constitutional lawyers I'm he's at today's big is the big shop constitutional lawyer at Harvard Law School so hot constitutional lawyer Weiss constitutional professor wise he's about as big as they get and that's why on all the TV networks when they want the big constitutional legal perspective they bring this guy on he tweeted out just ahead a day ago about the incoming impeachment trial because of all the senators who are saying this looks like a nothing we should vote to dismiss it so not an impeachable offense I'm done with it when the check and he thinks this is not they're not taking their duty is juror was properly Lawrence tribe says when the Chief Justice administers the oath of impartiality to a senator who has said he will not be impartial he will need to decide what his knows demands and whether he has jurisdiction to rule on a motion to recuse that senator for Kohl's now there's a lot of mumbo jumbo legal speak in that but essentially what this guy tried this supposed constitutional professor has revealed is he knows nothing about this particular constitutional crisis I had the misfortune to attend the last impeachment trial all of the transit drop a Clinton twenty years ago in the United States Senate and ever since I've been in favor of America doing what New Zealand dated and abolishing it's opera house because it's a miserable process it you really don't want to see how the senatorial sausage is made it's a revolting place about that one of the things that becomes clear immediately is the Chief Justice although he has a net that and a name that sounds like he's a judge is not actually the judge at the Senate trial he's loosely presiding but the the senators themselves are a judge and jury he presides the guy back then and I sat and watched him every day for however many weeks it was was Rehnquist and Rehnquist afterwards said my job was to do nothing and I did it very well that his main contribution to the Senate trial because he felt he shouldn't wear the usual robes that he would wear if he was just at the Supreme Court so he designed his own robe modeled own a judicial robe from Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta Iolanthe with full gold bands on each sleeve that was his main called tribute shin to the trial of William Jefferson Clinton he designed his own robe it looked lovely not I there was a terrific it's all like you know the Chief Justice of the Solomon Islands or whatever was not good but it was a possible road eight maybe a bit bright guy in the right designing business rang Chris but that was all he did because that's all he has to do is not the trial judge he doesn't he just presides I'm a fifty one senators get together and decide to ask him a question or to ask him to rule on something he can rule but he came home rule on anything unless they also can Terry and they could have if they hadn't liked his Gilbert and Sullivan robe they could have said fifty one of them and voted for him to actually appear in a clown suit he would have been obliged to preside over the Senate trial in a clown suit why doesn't a constitutional law professor for decades this guy tribe is the biggest big shot in the whole constitutional law business how come he doesn't know that he doesn't know that how can you make a fool of himself on Twitter how can we know that when the Chief Justice presides over a an impeachment trial.

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