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Music from the English composer, Donna McCovey setting the poetry of the filmmaker Derek Jarman written as he was dying of aids. He would pass away in one thousand nine hundred ninety four and I walk in the garden is the final song in a remarkable song cycle by Donna McCovey called translucence a setting of numerous Derek Jarman poems with a couple of instrumental preludes the workers for three female voices. One counter tenor viola and cello. You've heard the mezzo soprano. Melanie, pop high the soprano Kelly mccusker and the composer herself Donna Kevin in the contralto role. Michael chance the counter tenor. Caroline, Dale playing the cello and the viola played by Catherine Manson in order of appearance from translucence. We heard the song I sit here immobile than the prelude to Sebastian. Then the songs bass Jani son in Latin by Michael chance and a brief almost manic episode called Adam and eve and punch me not then the prelude to I walk in this garden, and then finally the song itself as bleak and beautiful a poem and song as you're likely to hear. And how likely is that? Well, the CD of translucence has a checkered history because Derek Jarman like to work on a handshake basis. And after he passed away the executors of his estate, we're not quite so casual about things, and so the CD was released on a major label in England and was out for a matter of days when it was rapidly withdrawn as far as live performances go there was one in London. And then we presented the American premiere of translucence in new sounds live concert in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine up at Columbia University's Saint Paul's chapel. So it's a piece that requires a little work to track it down. But I think certainly worth it. And a rare occasion coming up Saturday night at the dementia center here in New York when the unsolvable ecm malice will perform Donna McAfee translucence. That's this Saturday night. At the center here in Manhattan. And on this edition of new sounds. We are listening to excerpts from three song cycles still to come a somewhat bigger on samba, and because of electronics much bigger sound from Gemma peacock and her song cycle called waves and lines fascinating story in the texts there as well. And then later on in the show will hear some of unremedied a song cycle by Sarah Kirkland Snider for what's getting to be pretty close to chamber orchestra size. So the songs get progressively bigger in terms of their sonic palette, all of that is still to come. I'm John Shafer. And you're listening to new sounds when.

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