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Bureau for your discount code number you're listening to art emptied town and country partner connecting you with the food you eat illinois farmers who grow it and the food related events destinations in lifestyles that make our state great welcome to orange county town and country partners on a wins they lost yonki day before independence day yeah i tell you you know people don't mean i'm a guy those a few things about food and enjoying food in where to go to appreciate food i gotta say there are sometimes you gotta get off interstate you gotta go into places in time these local treasures like where we are today iroquois cafes so we're north just few miles a lot sika where near quakertown either villager golden boy right on you as fifty to a new owner of the late john veasley is here yet you're welcome how long have you don't like oh i got about twenty seven years really yeah but it's been my family forty three years wow so it's always been in the families just for forty years are very quiet night august of nineteen seventy six in a forty some years ago wow that's amazing breakfast lunch and dinner breakfast lunch dinner open from six pm until midnight if you're a fifty year old son yeah we serve breakfast lunch dinner is that a weekend series in a dream weekend night we mainly we have just gotten sandwiches salads but then on the weekends prime rib.

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