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Danny Settlement Sitting in 3123323763123323776 is the number talking about a little bit of summer camp, Two baseball players and Know what it's been weird for them the first week of the season, A Justin Turner mentioned no spitting. And, of course that spurned this conversation about guys that like to dip, and now they're gonna have to probably cut that habit out, Danny You know, my question of these players was exactly that. What's been weird The first week? No one was specific about the dipping situation. But maybe they didn't want to admit to it right. They didn't want to admit to. It is mostly about just how weird their schedule is. Now, Steve See Shack you mentioned him earlier talking about, you know, being told when you could do this when you could do that, where you could be where you can't be because I don't want groups of players in the same place at the same time, so definitely a weird first week for baseball players, but hopefully they're starting to get used to it in the news today, the Cubs again had to push some things there are put some things back, I guess changed their schedule around a little bit. As they wait for the results of their tests from Tuesday their covert 19 tests from earlier in the week. Jess earlier in the week, when you were on we talked about the crowd noise and the piped in crowd noise at Wrigley Field for these practices, and I think David Ross has done a great job of kind of building an atmosphere that for these guys, I don't know if you saw this, though, But yesterday, Anthony, rundown of the Angels was asked about piped in crowd noise, and he said, quote, It's stupid. Well, I thought that a few from a few people that that has blatant or blunt, I guess, but the players the point I think that they will listen to their players. If their players are distracted by it in any manner, then they won't do it. Now. Some players might like it. Some might not then then the decision has to be made. But if there is a if there is a majority that like it one way or another, that's the way the team's going to go. You know why? Piss off, Anthony, run down, right? He doesn't like it. He's one of the key players on the team than then don't use it. It doesn't It does nothing. The other thing you could do is just pipe it in to the broadcast and not into the stadium, so the players don't necessarily have to hear it. So I think it's good that he gets his opinion out there because I would assume the Angels are going to listen to it. Absolutely all right before we went to break it. He's gone, but not forgotten in. That is, of course, in reference to Gar Forman. Gar Forman was let go by the Bulls earlier this year, John Paxson was moved up into a different position with the organization. Unfortunately, we can't get away from these guys yesterday. A few days ago, Lou all Deng was on the simply Carol podcast. And he was talking about his journey with the Bulls and what playing with the Bulls meant for him. And he was talking about how Gar Forman and he were negotiating a contract and he was asked once again to take a hometown discount. Have a listen, Jess. The year before the contract. Me and Tibbs went in, and we talk Tio Gar Forman At the time was the G M. And we said, You know, I want to sign right now before the re agency comes up on other people for money. And you know a time he said. I was I was 27 28. He told me to take another team discount. Ah! And I remember saying, Why would I take another team discount like, you know, wise, they're discount again, You know, because this is where I was all star. So he said, you know, we want you to take a team discounts. I was like, Okay. What's the team this gun? He didn't discuss anything on at the time. You know that it makes sense for my career and where I'm at the best of my career. So Tibbs was upset and tips kept telling him sign. Lou. I need you to sign Lou. So when the year started, I wasn't signed for the Bulls and tips decided that he's going to make them know how important I am for the team. And run everything through me. And this is why I love Tim. Still today, you know, run everything through me and I was averaging 20 at the time when I got traded when when the front office saw that I was averaging 20. Obviously. Now everyone wanted to pay me more money. S o. They decided that it was better to trade me before. Ah, you know, I lose me for nothing. Ah! So I was called into the office and I was given two days to take 30 million for three years or you know, or else. I decided to go with or else when I got traded. Ah, I remember. I felt betrayed. You know, in a way because The guy who traded me obviously ruined TV. Ah, I don't mind saying that now, I would never speak of him as a person, but just, you know the decisions that he's made. Because it changed the whole course of what we were trying to do. You know, when Derek got hurt, we really felt that we're gonna win a championship. But when he broke up the team You just feel hurt because we we became so close to the team, but we had a mission on that was to wait for Derek to get healthy and go at it again. But he decided to just break up the team, which you know When that when I left another team, that's when I really started filling. You know, being somewhere different on I'm lucky that I got 10 years. So that's the welding on the simply Carol podcast. Now he talks about taking another hometown discount. That's because he signed a six year 71 $71 million extension with the Bulls is a 23 year old in 2008. He was playing far better than that. And he knew on the open market. He would demand more money. The Bulls Gar Forman came to him. And they said, Hey, Lou, we want to resign you after a little pushing at first as you heard there, fibs wanted him signed and they weren't having it. Then they wanted to give him you know about $10 million year, which by the way after he was traded, I believe he was traded the Cavaliers, he signed a deal with the Miami Heat, which paid him $10 million a year. Right? What's interesting to me is just so many things that go on behind the scenes that we don't know about, you know, sometimes find about find out about later, including things that affecting on the court. I mean, if that's true. Three offense was running through the Royal Dane for reasons other than basketball reasons. I mean, the way he described a little dating is not a bad guy to run through at that time because he knows he knows what he's doing with basketball. But tips is running running the offense through him in order to make a point to the front office. I mean, think about that, and that those are the sort of things that go on all the time behind the scenes with teams in any sport that we don't hear about. Until maybe much much later, But it's just another nail in the in the Gar Forman coffin, right? I mean, we've heard little stories like this throughout and I commend Deng for for telling it and being a front, I assume it's true until Gar Forman says differently, or Tom Thibodeau says differently. I believe him. I mean, he started well spoken in that and pretty honest and it's just another another nail in the coffin for guards Azan executive in Chicago. Here's the thing and I don't want to defend Gar Forman because we all know what this Bulls team has become with Gar Forman at the helm running the organization, But after this podcast came out, reports surfaced that said, basically, ownership mandated Cigar foreman in the Bull's front office that they had to get under the luxury tax after dairy..

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