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I don't think we will and it's only gonna get worse from here. There is something to be said and I could never do it. But like I've heard about these once every eight weeks ago a week without your phone. He put away for a whole week every eight weeks and it's supposed to be like recharging your mental battery. Dependencies here. Peasants. We'll take care of everything for the. They'll do your emails. Well, I have a friends became peasants. I've a friend who is super rich and she like her dad is literally almost a billionaire. And so she goes on a retriever drew, no, let me get me started. She goes on retreats once a year. It's a week and she gets rid of her phone for the week, but it's like five thousand dollars to get rid of her phone for a week, but I'm like, I would love to do that, but I can't afford it. And I'm sure there's other more affordable ways to get rid of your phone for a week, like put it away own retro, Jude. Rob. Snake oil salesman from. But isn't that crazy, but people do that. But because they can, they have money. It's like people who go to burning man burning Mana so expensive. Do you know Bernie Manas asking you because you're like, I'm like, you live here like an alien like you don't see the world. Have you ever heard of Woodstock. What does that only know about Reverend terrar-. Have you ever heard of MC Don? We have one. The only thing we have. So there are those things with burning man. You have no internet access for a week, but it's like expensive people pay for these outfits that they wear and the campers they bring in the shit. It's like all of that stuff that seem so good for your soul is so expensive. And again, I know there's other cheaper, do it like instead of going to burning man again away your phone. Away where like later, I'll have cooled cigarette one good pictures for. Away from the internet right now. So I can get really cool pictures for the. I'm going to be popping anyway. So moving on pressure impression. This is a random, a random one, and I thought was kind of cool. Did you ever know that Stephen King was hit by a minivan while he was walking? I didn't know this his his writing shelf, all sleeping. Literally only books I read. I only learned how to read just like it reads, even it's It's like. like almost a sign saying, even Kate was hit by a car. Do you not know that they're on the what happened is after he did, yes. I wanna talk about the whole thing. The guy his books became differently. He got really messed up taking pain pills a lot medicating himself and his books like dark tower series, which is widely regarded as the best thing he's done in his is the stands better in his eyes. It's the best thing he's done in. Like I know when he got hit was between four and five and the whole tone of the story and everything like he started getting wacky and it was like three or four year run after that accident where like his writing really got out there. I'm so glad that you happen to be a fan because I didn't comic books, three king. Well, so do you know much about the guy who hit him with his car story? I don't know much about other than his stuff changed. So when I look for things for the segments, I really don't know where to start and the other day I was like, what can I talk about? Depression impression? I don't wanna do a typical. Like you know, typical celebrity like Catherine Zeta Jones. Like we all know about those major celebrities who are the people on the side and the more unique stories. I don't really know how to find them. So anyone listening, if you know of any unique stories on them to me..

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