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The judge in this case i mean it goes on and on fixed in the other direction because the house is very unlikely to take up impeachment and does does more have a way to legally go at the president uh it it it it is a it is a grey area are indeed and it it's it what it does is it sets up that tooth that that next year's election as having really one dominant issue impeachment we had congressman california democratic from adam schiff on the house intelligence committee going after dump from junior this week who was testifying but refused to answer certain questions about a conversation with his father back last summer of 17 when they were talking about the meeting with russians there he said they had attorneyclient privilege he was the democratic congressman schiff acknowledged having discussed the june 9th meeting and emails at went into establishing that meeting after those emails became public acknowledged discussing that met with his father uh but refused to answer questions about the discussion on the basis of they claim will attorneyclient privilege in my view there is no attorneyclient privilege that protects a discussion between father and son kim atkins you're an attorney is that a clam we can't open it certainly is i mean that it's no way that that's how the attorneyclient privilege works um you can't just have a lawyer in the room in the have a conversation with another person if anything of that sort of would cut away from a a claim of attorneyclient privilege if donald trump jr was not the client of the attorney me when i practice i was careful that even when the person who would come into the law office to water the plants was in earshot that i would close the door if i was talking to my client because the the attorney claim privilege is very easily pierce if you give it away if you talk to other people admitted just sort of seem that donald trump jr from what we understand from his testimony was was just trying to use every method that he could to not give information whether it was what i call the sessions defence which is i don't recall it was a lot of things that he doesn't recall claims of privilege that may or may not even exists to something that we also see attorney general jeff sessions do.

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