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Wall coverage today four feature games, we'll start with LSU Maryland. And then certainly some massive stories that could develop with uaw-ford and Kentucky John Moran back on the floor with Murray state, Florida state Auburn Kansas will finish out the night. We also got a one-seat going with Gonzaga taken on Baylor later today. Michigan Florida Michigan state Minnesota. And Purdue and Villanova's though is it set up to be a very entertaining opening day of the second round for. But let's start with the opener LSU and Maryland, the three sixteen matchup in the east regional, and you know, when you look at this game with the right to get to Washington DC in the Sweet Sixteen what's the match up? Well, I would think it's the four guys who had double doubles in the first round. But to me, you know, what Anthony? Allen Tremont waters. Anthony Collins coming off one of his pores performances of the year. I think he'll play better. Whoever wins that match up hit their team has a huge advantage. Just think about what you said though, four players on one floor all coming off double doubles size talent. But two point guards the generals the quarterbacks heated a game. All right. So LSU and Maryland the turps trying to get back to the Sweet Sixteen like they did three years ago L as you haven't been there for a while for any. I mean, this is a big game for LSU specifically with all this stuff going on off the fourth game for them. It really is. And listen we saw at the end of the SEC season they were playing as well as anybody capable of going to the final four if they play as well as they did at the end of the regular season next step to get there, though is to get to the Sweet Sixteen LSU in Maryland the opening tip coming up in just about six minutes..

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