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For nursing home visits issued by state health officials are confusing families trying to see their loved ones over the holiday Agency for Healthcare Administration now says it's previously issued rules for visits were only the minimum precautions required. Officials now say facilities are free to impose more restrictions on their own. By the way, thousands of long term care facilities in Florida could begin receiving vaccine for coded 19 and a couple of weeks, investigators believe they found the body of a missing Massachusetts teen in Indian River County down Florida's Atlantic coast. The 18 year old girl was last seen getting into a rental car with her suspected killer in New Bedford, October 20th. The suspect, Louise Zaragoza, was killed by police in North Florida It's officers trying to arrest him in connection with the girl's disappearance. Florida's Senator Rick Scott is proposing changes that he says will rebuild trust in our elections. Senator Scott is calling for national voter I d requirements similar to Florida's Scott says Florida's election system works well in his goal is to make sure what works in his state is incorporated into election systems across the country. The Republican ads this way voters will decide the outcomes of elections, not the courts. I'm Riko show new sanctions taking effect today make it tougher for people in the U. S. To send money to family members in Cuba. Real Martinez with Cubans for Trump hopes it'll leads who real change on the Communist Island. What degree will make an impact on the people? It depends on under ability to rise and throw that dictatorship out of power around 700,000. Cubans a year received money from Remittances with Florida's news. I'm Larry Stillman. This is a Bloomberg money minute this year amid the pandemic department stores face even more pressure to get Americans into the holiday spirit. Bob Fibs, CEO of the retail doctor, see similarities with the past very much like the fifties. That's the closest one I would say is people who are shot coming out of the war and worships had to find a way with parades and with windows and other ways to get people to forget that and to come in. And to shop department stores are adapting to a host of curtailed traditions. Macy's has expanded curbside pick up another e commerce offerings at sister chain. Bloomingdale's customer service will remain a hallmark of the brand, but much of it is moving online gone or the chocolate samples and the beauty makeovers. Fibs says retailers. First obligation is to their employees and then to their customers who this year are looking for an escape, even if things have to be Different. I think you still have to understand People shop who are hopeful and people who are afraid will not be in a store. Gina serve 80 Bloomberg radio. Exactly what you needed. Today. Turkey mashed potatoes, stuffing and use radio W F L A giving thanks to our troops on the set. Brady Fox News a year after spending Thanksgiving Day in Afghanistan, President Trump is scheduled to hold a video conference with service members overseas. The U. S has 300,000 troops deployed and 800 military bases and over 70 countries. President elect Joe Biden in the future. First lady, posting a message earlier today might not be able to join our hands around a table with our loved ones. We can come together as a nation, he says. Better days are coming, and that staying home is a gift to fellow Americans. Eight months into the U. S fight against coronavirus, though the mascot debate Continues West Virginia's governor pleading with people to wear them. West Virginia Republican Governor Jim Justice had an answer for the people in his state who want him to approach covert 19 response. Like that of South Dakota Republican Governor Christie Gnome who refuses to order a masked man date. We wanna be like South Dakota. We want to be South Dakota. Why don't want to be South Dakota. The constituent pushback came after Justice put in place a strict new mask mandate two weeks ago and has also brought lawsuits claiming it violates the state's constitution. Justice said the state isn't trying to take anyone's rights and ask for help curbing virus spread. I just don't have any other bullets in the gun. I don't have any other bullets. Tanya J. Powers Fox News Houston holding its annual super feast, but handing out baskets of food this year because of covert precautions. Mayor Sylvester Turner lending a hand need.

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