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Scott talk of thirteen person has been charged in a widening you a W. scandal Joe Weston a retired U. A. W. vice president who was once appointed to the General Motors board of directors was charged with conspiracy bribery in taking kickbacks all felonies federal documents show that Ashton demanded five hundred fifty thousand dollars from vendors in return he's accused of directing contracts of fifteen point eight million dollars in U. A. W. branded merchandise to vendors including his own personal chiropractor the scheme also involves Ashton's right hand man Jeff Petry sick and former U. A. W. official Michael Grimes both whom have pled guilty it's not clear if Ashton is cooperating with federal investigators he's facing twenty years in federal prison chemicals K. W. J. R. news criminal charges may be coming to as a result of the investigation into a hazing incident among the football team at warranty lasalle high school three students suspended warrant police commissioner William dryer says police have determined that a physical act did occur Dwyer says hazing on school sports teams he is widespread I believe it's more than one incident that happened I think that the this is banned in the some of the information we had was this been going on at dealers sell for a time it's not an isolated incident and this happened that you know a lot of schools in and it's kind of like nobody really wanted to come out but it's but it's an unfortunate reality wire tells the Frank Beckman shell that fifteen parents refused to.

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