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Tony. And mike and might say montell. Jordan might say pardon the interruption. Okay try a little breaking news. Interrupt our normal flow and that is the return of cam newton. But that's not really breaking news to king. I mean it is because it happened early on. I mean free agency hasn't started but they got the deal done because they can. It's they're essentially as their guy so they're able to have conversations with him and get the deal done. They didn't have to wait to free agency actually start. Let's bring in microbes. Espn patriots reporter. Key can only wish but apparently he is not standing outside of patriot. Place freeze cam. Might with the parker and gloves off block. He's in cozy confines of la casa day. Recently joins us this morning. hand back. Fourteen mill one year lock in cuba before. Free agency commences in five days from your reporting. Take us inside the rationale and the logic to make this move zubin. It starts with timing. They felt like they wanted to get one piece in place before the start of free agency the patriots in the big picture have a lot of salary cap space this signing with cam newton will still give them a lot of salary cap space and allow them to add another quarterback if that opportunity presents itself but a lot of those opportunities are out of their control. For example jimmy garoppolo would he become available. Maybe maybe not. They could still go after him even bringing cam back but this gets one piece in place so they can start putting some other pieces around him and this roster what does it say about the way they feel about cam newton's ability right now versus when he came in a year ago this time keyshawn it says a lot and i got some numbers for you here to sort of reinforce that point last season the patriots finished thirtieth in passing yards per game. Thirtieth in interception percentage twenty-seventh in total yards and twenty seventh in total points scored if they thought that was all about cam cam wouldn't be back but they acknowledge that they need to put better pieces around. Whoever the quarterback is and let's just assume that it's going to be cam so that tells us a lot their action to bring cam back says look like cam wasn't necessarily the number one problem last year. Sure he can play better than he did. But with a full offseason. That's gonna make a difference. They hope to put him in position to have more success with better pieces around him. Commu roping on on this by bringing cam back. Where does this put the patriots in afc. Well jay i thought is. I don't think it's like we're all in on cam and we're done like i still think it could be cam and someone else and we'll see how it unfolds. I really believe that this is just one domino and what we need to see. Is the other dominoes. That fall like they need to go out and get a tight end you know. They've had the least production from the tight end spot of any team over the last two years since rob gronkowski left their wide receivers. They need a boost their until we see those other moves. J. like i wouldn't put them at the top of the afc right now but there's a lot more work to be done and this to me is just one small domino in the big picture. It draft time is right around not necessarily around the corner mike. But it's coming up fast. Do you think that the patriots would move up in the draft to try and you mentioned tied in to try and go. Get a guy like cow pits. You know maybe one of the dynamic receivers will they take. That shot well. So they're picking at number. And i would say you look at past history. If they move up. It probably wouldn't be to the top five the top eight where they would have to give up a future number-one pick bill belichick spin in new england for twenty one years. Now he's never traded a future number one pick to move up. That would be surprising if he did that. But if one of those players that you mention slides into the range of eleven twelve or thirteen. We've actually seen that type of move before if you go back to the early parts of bill checks tenure where he's moved up a few spots to get the one player he was looking for so i would say that is a more realistic possibility than a real aggressive. Move up the board. So the headline is cam. Newton is coming back to sub-headline which mike says might become the headline. They're not done just fascinating one year out of the spotlight in the playoffs. And here they are right back to being in the center of the nfl. And of course. Mike is at the epicenter of it all mike. Thank you really appreciate you joining us this morning. all right thanks guys. mike. Join us. On the goodyear hotline. One thing we're gonna continue to talk about this by the way. Hang on at the top of the hour. We'll get into that. Mike is essentially saying it's cam and somebody else who could it be jimmy g. Somebody else competition is coming. We'll get into the fellows thoughts who that might be one of the thing to keep in mind. I think sometimes when you see it on the surface you just step back and remember how much money quarterbacks are being paid because it is feasible with the pats cap room that you could pay came fourteen million dollars in heaven. Be your backup..

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