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Zack my wife spray and um you know i thought we not gonna call me on it in rain and so the purse days is like hey hey middle lanes brett right regina slowing and did it i did it and the weirdest thing was that zach was born on bread father's birthday so do you ever knowing how it went with pref rv new york do you ever look at your son zak and you're like them a look like i don't really like you know i'm thinking if he can be a hall of fame poured and i like bread up okay back i am the superbowl you should get some copper fit for that for beaming your son after mercenaries but organisers languages wrangler and have a lifetime firing londono what's up with that if he have another clitorally naybet trump's will be there's a lot of candidates and a harbaugh tom soula um you know maybe it's someone from espn are fox and all the different who loves them alive so you coach with tom ciller right after he coached harbaugh we after he made that transition i wou who's a bigger football guy jim harbaugh urgent okay they're both the both of all guys but it it's harder for me to say that anybody the bigger football guide than jim harbaugh because an lucky you've probably heard a thousand times million times had lovable i i lovable man i've heard it over and over again from players and coaches harbaugh literally lives for for football that that's it and he gave us a three weeks vacation one time as a staffan tippling the nfl to lease four sometimes five you know seeing the grind so we have the shortest vacation i i've ever had and twenty years as a coach and we get back in and we're on the meeting room when he gets fbi of the first things like oh my god who else couldn't sleep less.

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