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To this. The NBA season will be just how to three nights away. Were there folks and joining me to talk about the start of that season here in the clipper film room with a mood lighting and a couple of scuffed on the walls. Don't know if that might be the remnants of particularly dicey film session. Tobias, Harris clippers veteran forward joining me to chat a little bit about the clippers hopes for the coming season. This interesting stage that the clippers are at this is the first time in a long time that there is no more lob city de'andre Jordan. The last one out the door. This summer, of course, Blake Griffin goes out in the trade last season that brought Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley and others here. Chris Paul out a year ago. So a whole new era for the clippers and they're doing it in the shadow of, oh, yeah. Yeah, LeBron James who just landed down the hallway from them at Staples Center, so everyone sleeping on the clippers now they've been written off understandably, so this feels like a little bit more of anonymous of a team, but there's a lot of talent to you're actually and a lot of positive energy been around the team. The last few days these guys feel like they can make a Mark. Maybe they make the playoffs. Maybe they don't. I do believe this much. They're going to be tough night in night out. They've got guys like Avery Bradley, Pat Beverley who are going to bring it defensively. Lukamba mood say they've got scores like Tobias Harris and Danilo Gallinari. It's going to be a fun group and an important season for them because not only are they trying to reestablish an identity now in the wake of losing all the stars of the past era, but they've got to make a market a good impression on the free agent class of next summer because there are some big fish coming potentially in the twenty one thousand nine hundred agent class and the clippers wanna be in play for them. They need to have a strong season to become that destination. Tobias, Harris really thoughtful guy. He's had a fascinating career so far even just in terms of the number of times he's been traded Milwaukee, Orlando to Detroit before coming to the clippers. He's improved every step along the way. He is like your classic self made guy. He has built himself into one of the best three point shooters in the NBA after not being a three point shooter. He's got a fascinating background. His mentors include George Gervin the iceman. We talk about him quite a bit. Dale Ellis. One of the great three point shooters who helped him refine that three point shot. We talk about that. He's also Tobias Harris, a voracious reader. We get into a little bit about some of his recent books and the influences they have on him how that's translating to the court. We talk about his veganism. It's not it's not a fulltime vegan. He's got a part time vegan. I'll let him explain and a whole lot more. Just a really thoughtful guy, a really fun conversation. I think you're going to enjoy it before we get to that. Just want to make my weekly plug. To you. All appreciate everybody for listening and subscribing. And if you're not subscribing, please do so you can go to apple or wherever you get your podcast hit that subscribe button. If you've got a couple minutes in a few thoughts for me rate us, give us a comment. I am trolling the comments sometimes lurking in the comments to to see what you all think of the podcast. Appreciate all the feedback, both good and bad. Appreciate the the good more than the bad, but anything you got for me, lay it on me and who knows? Maybe we'll even shout you out in a future podcast. So tell your friends download subscribe, and.

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