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We are bringing Christ to the nations and the nations to the church. Learned Maura at Lutheran, our DOT or g'kar. Now, here's our speaker, Dr Michael Ziegler. Apparently, I had abnormally long eyelashes for an eighth grade. Boy. I suppose I should be grateful. Because of all the things that I have, and could have gotten made fun of for Eyelashes. Isn't that bad? The girls in my eighth grade class, pointed it out one day. They said that I had Maybelline eyelashes. As they were walking past me in the hall in a group as a third grade girls do. They would giggle and point and one of them would call out Maybe he's born with it. And another would answer. Maybe it's Maybelline. Hysterical. I know. But nobody likes to be laughed at. When you're not trying to be funny. They make horror movies about this stuff, you know? It's a cycle of mockery and ridicule, which leads to resentment and hatred, which leads to destruction and death. There was that horror movie from the 19 seventies, when the mother is hysterical, pleading with her daughter not to go to the prom. They're all gonna laugh at you. She says. As the high pitched horror movie soundtrack is building in the background. They're all gonna laugh at you. They make horror movies out of this stuff. Obviously, mine wasn't that bad. They made fun of my eyelashes. Why should I care? My mom says, my eyelashes there just fine, by the way. But I let it get to me. Somehow, even something that ridiculous can be enough to induce an identity crisis. And so I locked myself in the bathroom that night. And got out my mom's little beauty scissors and trimmed my ridiculously long eyelashes. It was ridiculous that I would let it get to me like that. But I know what it's like to be laughed at. You know what it's like. It's the stuff of horror movies. The Old Testament Book of Jonah. Starts like a horror movie, The Lord, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, The God of Israel tells Jonah to Goten Innova. No, never was the queen of the mean girls. The ancient world. She was a metropolitan beauty. Promenading through the halls of the ancient Assyrian empire. Powering over and terrorizing the awkward, underdeveloped school boys and girls around her. Cherishing the opportunity to crucify any under lane that stepped out of line. And the Lord said to Jonah Goten Innova. And call out against her. Because they're evil has come up to me. And you can almost hear the horror movie plane and Jonas head. Because he runs away. Charters. A ship sails the tar shish about as far away from the nervous you can get. And we're right there with him. Because we know what it's like to be laughed at. But the Lord his God would have Jonah face this horror head on. So the Lord sends a storm to chase Jonah down on. The sailors were so frightened that they throw him overboard. Jonah sinks, the storm stops and the Lord sends a great fish to save Jonah. Swims in back to land. Three days later it belches him out. Back on the road to Neineva. And this time, Jonah Ghost Ananova. Expecting the worst. And to everyone's surprise. The people of never listened. They believed, God. The mean girl had a change of heart. It wasn't quite happily ever after. The conversion didn't last long. Yes, the generation of the Ninja fights who heard Jonas message that day they Leave. They change their ways and by the grace of God, they were saved. But the generations that followed Turn back to the status quo. Never went back to her old ways, tormenting and terrorizing the people around her and one day God stepped in. Put an end to it. God had given another prophet. The prophet Nay home a message for Ananova. He called none of the city of bloodshed. Full of lies, unceasing evil, preying on victims without end. God stepped in and stopped it. Because God has a way. Dealing with bullies. In his own time. Roughly a century after Jonah in the year. 6 12 BC god's justice would be served. None of a would be destroyed, laid low by the Lord never to be rebuilt and its ruins are still there, just on the other side of the Tigris River in modern day Iraq. Modern archaeological digs have uncovered some surprising details. For thousands of years and then of a had been a diva in the ancient near East. But around 7 50 BC just before Jonah visited new novel was enduring some unstable economic and political conditions, conditions that would have been harsh enough to push her to the brink of an identity crisis. And so historically speaking. By the grace of God. Minimal was at a particularly vulnerable moment when Jonah rolled in that day. After his month long desert caravan covered in dust and the stench of fish guts with a deranged revenge of the nerds look in his eyes, not even caring if they laughed at him. Yourself happened. And the Lord commanded the fish. Innit? Vomited Jonah out onto dry land, and the word of the Lord came to Jonah, a second time saying Rise. Golden in Nevada. That Great city. And call out to her. Message that I am going to speak to you. So, Jonah. Rose. Went Ananova according to the word of the Lord..

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