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To statement not statement said okay if you found not to be true new get ten years of prison we'll it's my understanding is that that law is in place and you are not allowed to lie under oath and if the women would go through the court gives does go through and they were found to be perjured of they found if they are found to perjured themselves i mean as we've seen in case after case after case i mean i'm just thinking off the top of my head what was it roger clemente who was the guy the baseball player mark mcgwire roberto clemente of sorry matter and what was it he or was it mark mcgwire one of them perjured themselves for some stupid raisin and that's what they get in trouble foreign of right i don't remember so many baseball players were lied to congress and we rick your point it your point is taken and in understood and those laws are in place and i think that's what gives this case a little bit more weight and credence because these women are putting their names out there and no doubt i'm sure that they are receiving i'm sure a lot of respect and and in some encouragement but obviously on the other side of the aisle i'm sure they're being demonized and thrown under bus in every other sort of thing that can happen to some problems for us but i agree we have due process in this country we want to make sure that due process is the is what we continue to have an while we continue to use in order to prove innocence or guilt as critical as chris called in for brooklyn recently though as well a judge moore was was kind of he ruled with an iron fist from that bench there and.

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