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A week later at breakfast, one of nella's older sisters mentioned in passing, that news had come. From the kingdom where nella's prince's dad ruled. She didn't call it that. She just named the kingdom. Now the setup what? The daughter smiled. Yeah, she didn't know. Weird. Well, it turned out the sun, the prince was in a horrible accident. Bury by broken glass. Cut a thousand times. The sisters mock shuttered, oh, just terrible. How could that even happen to be buried in broken glass once it's dressed? I don't know, maybe a building full of mirrors fell on him, once sister offered. Oh, or he was running naked through a glass tube. The first said. That's pretty specific sister. As specific as it is dangerous and impractical for underground travel, they nodded. Eyebrows arched. Wouldn't you agree? Nella. Tears streaming down nellis cheeks, the youngest didn't answer. She pushed herself away from the table and ran from the room. The prince wasn't dead. He wasn't doing well, but he wasn't dead. His servants had dragged him from the pipe and gotten him to the capital, where the best doctors 17th century medicine could produce were watching over him. Their diagnosis was that the glass had been enchanted, so that's why it hadn't killed him, but their talents only went that far to say that the reason he wasn't dead was basically magic. The king put out a proclamation, whoever found a way to save his son would have half of his kingdom if the savior was male, and the sun as a husband, if the savior was female. There are a lot of assumptions to unpack there, but we won't. This was nellis chance. If she could make it to the other kingdom, there Mary the sun, her parents couldn't do anything about it. She ordered to serve it up, paid the young woman to switch clothes with her, and, while the fake nella stayed locked in her room, the real slipped out through the front gate. Alongside the dozens of people going this way and that, throughout the kingdom. Now, nella had never heard this podcast before. Kind of because discoverability is still a problem the industry is trying to solve, but also because it was 17th century Italy and podcasting hadn't been invented yet. If she had heard the show, she would know to never enter the dark forest alone. The thundering footsteps of an ogre, though, had the reach that we didn't. Nellis scrambled up a tree moments before the monster came thundering past. And into the house that wasn't 20 feet away. Nella picked her way across the branches to the roof of the house. She sat listening at the chimney. She didn't think she could make it if she tried to go on foot. She didn't know how good ogre hearing was. So she would just wait until they slept. Then? Something caught her attention. The ogres who were kind of a sweet little couple, and we'll call each other by pet names such as Harry, tusky, and ruler, were talking about the latest news. Rumor was, that the prince had gotten himself hurt when a glass tunnel he had made collapsed on him, as he was running naked to go see a lover. It was a scandal, but the king was trying to keep that part under wraps. Because he was currently trying to keep his son's soul in his body when it was desperately trying to escape out of so many wounds. The ogre couple laughed. Doctors. They were overmatched from the start. Since it wasn't chanted glass, there was only one thing that could save the prince and heal his wounds in time for him to live. They both laughed, but then the husband said, yeah. He actually didn't know what that was. Our fat, the way I said. And then nella heard the slap of someone grabbing someone else's belly. They're fat. Rendered down and rubbed on the wounds would heal the prince instantly. She said that she didn't think anyone knew that, but just be on the lookout for nights anyway. They couldn't help out the prince without becoming at least as dead, so they were just going to keep their heads down and there was a knock at the door. The ogre couple looked at one another who could that be? The door creaked open and both of them looked down to see a young woman in a dirty cloak head bowed and hands out. Begging for bread. The female ogre looked down with a sneer. It was some kid begging for bread. Did they have any old stale, moldy bread lying around? The male ogre looked at the girl and said he just remembered something that he needed to talk to his wife about. The privately. He went to the door, smiled, and said he would just be one minute. The door slammed and Nell his face. From the other side of the flimsy door, she could hear the male ogre, saying that he really wanted to eat some of that sweet, sweet Christian flesh. The female logo replied that there had to be some better way to say that. Outside, now the thought that there really wasn't any good way to express your preference for consuming human flesh, regardless of religion, but then the door swung open. The ogres told the girl that it was getting late, and she couldn't very well keep traveling in the dark forest at night. Now a smile. She couldn't agree more. We'll see nellis planned for rescuing the prince come to its greasy conclusion. But that will be right after this. You know, good teamwork, it's a beautiful thing. It is. It makes the most epic labor as possible. And the fastest way to reach your potential is with the right people in the right places doing the right things. If you're hiring, you need indeed. Indeed, it's a hiring partner that lets you do it all. And fast, attract interview and higher. With indeed, it all happens in one place, really, why struggle to find quality candidates if you don't have to. 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