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Seven time grand slam champion. Current euro sport commentator, the FM of bologna on wheels. That will talk about a road show that he's been doing for for a number of years and overall just one of the great overarching presence in the sports. This is a fun conversation. I think you'll see why much is so so popular why he's such an important member of the tennis community. Always a good conversationalist. And this time was no exception. He's not in his home of Idaho. But he's on the other side of the ocean. But we'll talk to him. Now, here's Melander. Oas pleasure. Always a pleasure. Speaking. Likewise. Thank you. Where are you? Where are we getting you? I am in pot of the mar- the Llorca really vein. Yes. It's it ain't Idaho. What what brings you there? It's it was an ATP champions tournament last weekend. Where played a couple of doubles did not play singles, but played a few doubles with monster Barahmi and Michael Byrne force and Tim Henman jumped in and so was very nice. And I'm here for another three days doing the tennis Kinnock's tennis camps with Michael burn fours, and and twelve Scandinavians twelve Scandinavians in my orcas sounds like the setup to a joke. Yeah. No, very Swedish actually Palma Majorca is quite Swedish a lot of Swedes here. And they sweetie show towel and Swedish owned tennis club where they played the tournament. And so yeah, it really really good spots. Did you have anything? To do with the Nidal academy is totally separate. No, totally separate. Yeah. He's in over in Monaco, which is about forty five minute drive from my, but but totally separate. Yeah. We're just here for Moyer. Tommy, how Ferrero Henman me and Karachi laid the singles, and then they, but if you in between, so let's talk tennis what it's mid October. When you look out at the sport right now at this period of time. What what are you seeing sort of big big picture where is professional tennis right now? I'm wide open that both men's and women's side. There is a little bit of a change going on top. Obviously, obviously Novak Djokovic this stop that debate. I suppose winning the last few, but I still feel like this. I mean, it's obvious that the rough is getting older phobias reasons, but you could just tell that he's not may study slowing down. But we might not see him at his best all the time for physical reasons. And I think that opens up a little bit of a void and the chance for the younger guys come in all the federally. I the US open. I will discount that. But the last three or four months left close matches. So yeah, he's not they're not on their way out. But I think that there's a professional finish right now. There's a good chance for young guys to come through. Unfortunately, we haven't seen it in the last ten fifteen years. But I think that there it's inevitable. Oh that they're coming. And I think that the younger generation he's coming obviously in the women's side. It's already happened and on the women's side. I'm not sure which of the older there's they're going to stop the young invasion. Serena is maybe able to. But so I think that's what I see. And obviously when that happens you start thinking about what's going to happen. The day that federal in the dollar and fuss joke John negate anymore or Serena or Maria Sharapova. But I think that it's you know, it's a good thing. It's going to happen. We have I guess you could say survive changes like that before with jumbled quitting and mackinaw not winning much after that. So I'm not worried am excited. And looking for new rivalries, really, if you're if you're going to back one or two horses on the men's side, we we I mean, you said it, and it's we say, we don't even think about it. When we it's it's been ten or fifteen years since. We've had a breakthrough which is just remarkable. But if you you were gonna pick one or two horses to be the next player to win a major not named federal dog Jovic Murray of rinca who who do you like?.

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