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Wow you know from cesar yeah man who doesn't laugh when you get him to laugh it was oh that's i've heard people talk about it it's like hearing god laugh yeah also more into when you hear lauren laugh it's amazing and literally like when i got my first sketch on the air i got lorne to fucking belly laugh during reap through and i was and when it was done i was like this is gonna be on down the first one i wrote was sketch it was caused cyrano and i had no i had to watch i always do but i'd watched no diversion cyrano movie not the steve martin roxanne version early on it was black and white and it was great fucking if you ever wanna see a great old movie sure check it out and and i just thought like wondered did they had to ever done a black version of cyrano and if they did do it because i imagined it was paul robeson somebody would have done it and i thought if he did it then he wouldn't have a long nose he would have a wide no he said that in lorne read that station direction even went he like double dover laughing and john downey to down even started laughing you know and it was like you know it was like it was a good feeling to know oh i i just they they hear everything yeah and so to get them laugh like my third show in was very rewarding and was written for alec baldwin and myself.

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