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To do the same thing. Now he is going to go up above something called the karman line which is sixty two miles above spec- level and that is actually where we determined that space actually begins. That's the current definition. This carmine line where space begins but richard branson was out of our atmosphere. So was that where was or maybe. It's the old definition of one hundred miles. This is this is something that we have to struggle with. There were a few other people who only went up just a little bit further. Gus grissom was one of those guys alan. Shepard gus grissom And yeah they were. They were in the middle of a space race in. We are now in the middle of a space race between billionaires. Okay i do want them to chase forward. I do want them to achieve these dreams. I do want them to to achieve new amazing successes but we have to start wondering. Where are we going to draw this line. There's there's a lot to go with here. And i want you to ponder this. I want you to tell me what you think. Feel free to reach out to me. Feel free to let me know what you think way. Where does space begin where where does where does astronaut hood begin. I thought you'd enjoy this. I figured that this is something. Marty live also brought up..

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