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Okay. Sure. Or clean up whatever you need to do what clean like if you need to clean, a wound. So man, here's your Cowboys pal. Charles. Haley could have seen the future. Probably saves you. Yes, there it is Charles Haley standing there. And and Parker said on all flights from Dallas to LA today on American. They each seat had a Cowboys towel draped over. So that's awesome. Awesome. Get on your airplane. You're like what does this towel four? Is this the cover up because it's cold in here. No, this is just celebrate. Awesome. There you go toward you guys. We'd start with something. Awesome. Very cool. I trust all these stories will be positive then. There was a report today. Mike Fisher on one dot com. Oh. Just because it's it's gotta be sad or negative. I mean, well, plus you go well, Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle, David Irving. Trouble with the NFL for allegedly missing several drug tests. He played for the Cowboys since the Redskins game in October. A hasn't played since that game. He's been plagued by off field issues the entire season. And he missed he missed some of these times when he had to go get a drug test. And now now somebody close to the situation has said he has not been reprimanded by the NFL and has received nothing official from the NFL. However, knowing this news, here's something else that stands out to me as a problem. We already know what he's going through with his familial situation direct. And you know, she's trying to build a case against him. This doesn't look I don't I don't know. If it doesn't look good or maybe it was smart. Maybe he is smoking marijuana. And if he shows up and gets hit with that by the NFL. That's it. That's already. There you go. Bam book he's an unfit parent there right now. There's no tests that shows anything I wonder if there was advice given to him and said, hey, man, if you want this you can't do this. Sorry, you're NFL career. And is it worth it? For him. He looks like he's people said he's kind of checked out. So for the Cowboys. They played an entire season without him pretty much. They've done very well. The the idea was that the tank and and him we're gonna dominate together. But so far Collins done good moving over and Antoine. Woods. Looked really good filling in for me, colony Randy, Gregory Radi. Gregory's been great this year too. I'm very happy with the work. Even though there have been moments. I've been very happy with the other stuff that he's done redone with Irving them. I am. I mean, what you don't need you, man. We, but I also understand the way the Cowboys look at things, and they try to give people as many chances possible when people are going through hard times Jerry gets personally involved emotionally involved. So I understand what if they continue to try. I mean because we wouldn't have rainy, Gregory, if they gave up on by we wouldn't be in this in this moment. So in rainy, Gregory wouldn't be a reclamation project, which may end up being it may end up being a really good inspirational story might be something good that comes out of this. It could. From what I understand too. It's not like Randy was a bad person. He had a situation that he had a problem with and he's somehow been able to overcome it or whatever he's done the. So there you go. That's the sad story with David Irving. You want to hear another positive story Jerry Jones on with the G bag nation earlier today, they asked about Colby easily. Here were his thoughts about Kobe's Lee plan on Saturday night. Against the Rams. Well, I my feeling right now is to play with go. Visit. You've watched overcome at the game on game day watch to overcome some of those makes right there. And so he's given his past with ways century given having indication for success, but quite an accomplishment. He's a competitor from the Joe. And and so now, we're planning on having totally saw. I like that. I like that a lot. I mean, even if even if you found out as the game went along he was kind of limited. It's good to have that option to start with. And even if he's a potential decoy if that helps draw some of the attention away from whether it's Zeke, whether it's Mari. I I support that the he's one of the most important guys on on the field when it comes to its Dax Zeke Amari, those are the those are the first three now, I'm not giving enough credit to the offense of line. But when it comes to skill position players. Okay. He's the next guy. For me. And I love Gallup. But I think that Cole Beasley just being there is more important because what they can do out of the slot. Okay. Jar Wen's growth that that was something you didn't expect now of a sudden it throws a new wrinkle into what they gotta think about whenever they're covering the Cowboys gallop is fun to watch. But I think Kobe's Lee is very important to what the offense wants to do. And what Dak Prescott sees when he drops back third down. He felt very comfortable throwing Kobe's knowing where he was going to be so just and it sounds like it's more of an I don't know how you guys feel about this. It's it's it's a physical situation that he can play through. And I think it's just pain you can play through pain, but you can't play through this isn't right. You know, something's wrong in their bones broken. You can't play through something. That's wrong. Plate. You can force yourself through pain. But we might see is we might see like Kobe said make reception run to the sideline tape it jacket with whatever Aaron Rodgers injected his knee with asthma knee me. He comes off the sideline. It's michael. And then he goes maybe what if he catches that touchdown that story right there. And that's another thing is week to week. It sounds like as long as you can tolerate the pain. He'll be out on the field as long as nothing really gets messed up inside of his body. Make you deal. He scores. A touchdown. We win the game. I will never ever bring up. The fact that he quit the team. All right, there, you go ever seems like you're pretty ridiculous thing. That's what it's gonna take whatever that's fine in this game. Only like what if your scores the game winning Super Bowl touchdown. But doesn't score a touchdown this week. Except that deal that deal extends to this game the NFC championship game and the Super Bowl preseason game one. Yeah. No. I mean, he may not even be on the team preseason game. What are you saying? I mean, he might not be able to be on what you mean? I know that's not what you mean. Guys. Tony Romo says the Cowboys can win the Super Bowl. Acitivity just bleeding now the segment right now he was like look at our quarterback Tony Romo. I couldn't help. But I'm sorry. Went through his initial list of Super Bowl favorites, you listed the saints. Rams chiefs and patriots playing at home this weekend. Okay. We'll hold on. We're not on the. Yeah. I know what you said. But he did have some interesting comments when he was asked specifically about the Cowboys. All right. So he was talking about the Cowboys. He said this is according to USA today. He said there were two reasons why he thinks the Cowboys should be competitive Saturday night against the Rams said if you can stop the run and run the football you're going to be in every game. If you look at the front seven of the Cowboys they're going to be in every game because the defense you just go up and down the field on them. You just can't. So there's going to be tougher test this week because their defense is going to keep them in the game. But you just have to score a touchdown in the second half at the right moment. And if you do the Cowboys are absolutely in position in which they can win the Super Bowl. It's kind of soft kinda saw that sounds like you said that they're going to win the Super Bowl does it. Or does it sound like I mean, you know, the game's going pretty well, then you score at the right time at the end of the game. Like, okay, sure, he knows this team. He knows the model of this team though. Right. Like that's Jason Garrett. Hey, look, stay close and in the second half. That's what he's saying is that's the Cowboys game plan keep it closed with the run game. Keep a close with the run stop. And in the second half make that one moment happen, and it and it happened with Dez that was Tony's moment that play they've been waiting for that moment, and it was banned there. It is. We should have one dude. I can't do it anymore. I can't I can't hear we play now. Yeah. So bad. I want to get to this fourth quarter. So bad right now fair unfair. I dislike if they were to win this weekend. You could always end any Dak Romo argument. Well, Dak made it further than Romo ever. Did. That's all you have to say just to infuriate them. Hey, by the way, when you're talking about wanting to play that game right now, you realize you are not alone. Like that. Michael Jackson song you. Leslie pedophile is. Yes. Don't do it. Humans of the world is the average ticket price. We talked about how last thirty nine dollars seven hundred eight. Okay. All right. But it is skyrocketed, and vivid seats is saying that based on their market research. Thirty one percent of the fans in the stadium will be Cowboys fans, though, I saw someone earlier text in that they estimated their estimate was way off for the Cotton Bowl fan setup with Notre Dame. And so and you heard Matt Baker earlier saying he could easily see it being fifty percent crab shaker. The red breaker. Yes. The spread breaker gets booed in the bar. We're the KFC masterpiece on what five through the fed coming up next..

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