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It is like to me to me that's not an isolation annihilation is truly the word nile is in it it's like pleat destruction there is no creative shimer's getting bigger and bigger and bigger let's go to nine later but if we're to believe nali portland's line at the end it's that it's making something new not annihilating annihilation to me is just like complete bis thanks i mean you know it's our perception of the snow getting bigger when you have when you have one of the characters you know saying the line of the movie like it's not be a mistake the the physics definition of an election is the conversion of matter into energy especially mutual conversion of a particle at an anti particle into electoral so if you're looking at it from the physics definition as opposed to just sort of the general like destruction or complete obliteration of something maybe it makes more sense but it's it it the the interesting thing i found in this gets into little bit more of sort of the meta the making of the film and how we're talking about all the stuff even these theories and whatnot they're probably all not either correct or complete because this film is it in an excel itself is an example of integration so you have these books that then paramount ops for right they're going to put their own little spins on things then you have the director alex carlin's right who is trying to make one film where i believe and this is all conjecture but the he wanted to make sort of more heady film and they detest greetings and said we'll this is to basically highbrow for people so.

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