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That made me watch the show i watch the parts for him because the dynamic even in that little clip was amazing he sorta obviously did not care about her friends or what was going on cpap sit and he amelie as bigger right back this is a man wearing the pants in the relationship it's clear that that had been a conversation that said many times before and he doesn't care about airing dirty laundry i check out the tweet and we'll send it off from around the nfl or one of arkan's he's leaning back he's in like a sweat suit he's either just belched or farda fine restaurant where everyone is dressed up christian cavalier fashion is thing they're all wearing ten thousand dollar outfits and earrings jewelry and this guy just feels like you rolled off airplane where you had like a redeye flight it's awesome i so approve all right what's the name of that show mark we're going to be watching i think it's like keeping up with i will research hold on the adventures of j and keeping up with the name of jewelry store wow we will start with what is the name of it is it is uncommon james very cavalieri i have stepped foot in it you want the paramour out of ad they had multiple meetings calls to come up with very cavalieri a multi week process to get to that the paramour west you said i m klein you went on like a scavenger hunt to find jay cutler's wives home improvement store we went to nashville if i didn't know anybody the entire purpose of going to nashville to go to like cavaliers jewelry shop she's all over this show she's basically told west we were going to be watching this in our shared locations in west said no the paramour dragging west jewelry shops connect the dots.

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