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The one office here uh but sometimes you just need to grow or don't have a longterm plan settled on yet uh looks like they're putting it together longterm plan to get everybody in into one building if they can pull it off hasbro had as you said has made overtures to mattel add that mattel has resisted to this point a year from now do you think this deal has gone through because and and i don't have a dog in this fight but i i i'm not really sure if i should be rooting for this merger or not uh presumably if the price is right than that works out well for mattel shareholders but i don't know i kinda like that there's the competition out there and i also like to see new ceos get a chance to turn the company around in and that's the case of mattel i mean the ceos been there less than a year and i feel like she should have a chance to i don't know implement her vision for what success looks like a mattel well so mattel just the other day dago reported that uh it is anticipating a disappointing holiday season and while as one might imagine the holiday season is kind of kind of important for a toy maker and hasbro's made no such a announcement and i think that mattel this is another in an ongoing series of disappointing announcements from mattel and i think when you ask uh you know can i speculate will this be done in a year from today hasbro's a wellrun company they're not gonna overpay uh did they've made a and offering mattel's rejected it but if mattel thinks they're going to get more money they may be right but it they think they're gonna get more money than they're worth uh i think they're wrong and i think that there.

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