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Thirty six bed hospital at St Elizabeths east in ward eight to open in twenty twenty four pending council approval and a two hundred and twenty five bit Howard University hospital on Georgia Avenue in ward one hopefully to be completed by twenty twenty six John Aaron WTOP news three twenty one Friday morning may first to what is normally peak season for tourism in DC has been shut down by the coronavirus but there is a strategy in place to lure visitors back one two the health emergency is final Lee over decimated is the word Elliot Ferguson used repeatedly in our interview to describe DC's tourism industry he's president and CEO of destination DC since March eleven large meetings or conventions that were supposed to be held in the district have been canceled for a loss of at least eighty six and a half million dollars and hotel occupancy in the city right now is less than ten percent but once travel restrictions ease he says they are first marketing the city to would be visitors who live a four hour drive away or closer the second phase will target areas where people can catch direct flights to the nation's capital Michelle Basch WTOP news resigned the coronavirus as well shaking up the annual national Memorial Day concerts for the first time in fact in thirty years it will not be held on the west lawn of the U. S. capitol capital concerts will instead present a special ninety minute broadcast on Sunday may twenty fourth yes Gary Sinise returns to host with Joe Mantegna who previously told WTOP I think it's our most important holiday because the one holiday that allows.

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