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They had a lot of information that they then acted on and all the idiot behavior was in one direction. No one ever thought, oh, I met with the Russians when they didn't. They kept saying they. Never met with the Russians when they did every piece of evidence that we've seen the public statements, the private statements, the fact of the meeting, the attempt to cover up the meeting, it all makes sense only if there was an attempt to solicit help from the Russians. And if you're a call way back when the Trump people have always said, well, what's so bad about taking a meeting like this. Anyone would take information that they were offered us how campaigns run. That was a very telling statement because I think it suggests to us that that's what they thought they thought, hey, Russia's going to help us that swell. And it's only been as time goes on that they realize how politically and legally perilous that was. So hence the cover ROY because you're not supposed to hijack elections with foreign governments who knew right. I wanna get whatever told them that they were novices jet. I wanna thank Jennifer. Rubin and Joyce van to David real quick. Have you ever been fallback Friday? No, I have not kidding. Pabst happened today could happen today year. We're going to take you and I would love to get both of you in Sunday as well. Thanks to each of you for being part of our top of the news coverage here coming up. We have new reporting. Trump's legal team says they might quote berry, Michael Cohen. Meanwhile, Michael, have an audience here, live coming out of his court fight in the stormy Daniels case, and I'm going to hear from a former apprentice star about what loyalty means in the Trump organization, which is now under a microscope. Plus we're doing a new series today with Tony Schwartz author of the art of the deal, and it's going to talk a lot about the pressure facing Trump all that. Plus, of course, fallback Friday and our most awkward moments of the year. You're watching a special edition of the beep on MSNBC..

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