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Talk about a living John me say living in John what's up with living in John a living in John was in California she no she's Australian and you know splashed on the same big eyed with grease she was sandy in Greece and ever every teenage girl wanted to be sandy raisin insulin the John Travolta she has had a lot of health problems that when she was interviewed recently with sixty minutes Australia and they discussed her her health which she calls challenges and she reveals that she has been diagnosed what we we knew in twenty seventeen but she revealed now that it is stage for breast cancer and she told the reporter Liz Hayes that she told the doctors that she doesn't want to know how long she is left to live and I thought that was so amazing listen to her rationale she says if somebody tells you you have six months to live very possibly you will because you believe that so for me psychologically it's better not to have any idea of what they expect to what the last person that has what you have lived so I don't I don't tune in wow this is the third time she her cancers appear to its first was first diagnosed in nineteen ninety two than twenty thirteen and then again this last time in twenty seventeen and I I I thought this was interesting I I know someone was just diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and she this is her first diagnosed as this is a living in John's third so she probably has a benefit of hindsight and probably looks at it much differently of but my friend who's been diagnosed she is all how you know bat waging this battle and driving everyone around her crazy lover but his five and everybody including her doctors crazy but so she's looking at a totally differently she wants to know what the my new show of the literally at Burry thing is she has a side effect that the doctor didn't tell her about because they're so many possible side effects of chemo so she is in that office she wants to know why she was told about it she's she's you know very very very forward with the whole thing and then you have a living in it John who says I'm I'm gonna sit back I don't want to know and I understand her rationale I thought it would be interesting to ask you would you want to know and let's see it's not just it's not just a disease that you've been diagnosed within their you know you can get a prognosis of a prop approximately how long they expect to deliver what you are your odds are of living but what if you know a because there's so many tests now that you can take these genetic tests to find out if you have certain diseases as they every day they come out with more and more advances into DNA and how DNA how things may just be encoded on your DNA and what you want to know because I don't know if I would eight six six four zero eight seven six six nine eight six six four zero eight seven six six nine at it tell the story that I'm I have a lot of orthopedic issues just because my brother and I both we must have something but we're both genetically predisposed to be a lanky and in our joints don't stay in the socks are all over the place we we both of us shoulder surgery is mom every orthopedic surgeon or any kind of surgeon for joints I've been to always ask me if I've been diagnosed with a certain disease and I said no but everybody asks me this a friend of mine who's my my orthopedic surgeon asked me and I said no and if I wasn't everybody asks me that because well you you kind of got the symptoms for very very very mild case nothing to really be worth you know worried about it so well would you change if I took the test and found out would you change how you treat me he said no I said is there a cure he said now so well then why would we do the test is only gonna cost money number one number two it's not going to change a darn thing and number three is just gonna let the insurance company know that I have this genetic marker that I'm predisposed to this to this illness there's no upside in this for me at all like Alzheimer's I wouldn't want to know if they come out with a test to let you know if you're gonna get al's Hymers down the road and there's no cure I do not want to know because I'll tell you right now every time I can't find my car keys which is pretty much all the time I'm gonna be wondering if that was the one time Starday I'd constantly be wondering every time I forget something my life is such a world when I forget stuff all the time just because I can't keep track of where I'm going on a daily basis let alone what I bring with me but I think in the back of my brain I would always be wondering is is it the Alzheimer's my gosh it's happening I would always wonder eight six six four zero eight seven six six nine I'm just curious why would you want to know let's go to your Pennsylvania and John John good morning you're on the Brian Kilmeade show a living in John says I don't wanna know how long you have left to live would you want to know any of this I agree with her I want to know I think you would change your whole psyche yeah what you let me ask you though if you knew you only have like six months would you divorce your wife in the run up your credit card bills I would like a call your screen or a said like because they have a like a three month roundabout figure god I've been in a drop in the middle of that yeah I mean I'm not my bucket list out but if I if I had cancer like she did it and I grew up watching her yeah I would want to know because it's gonna change everything here to look at life differently I would tell my doctor you know what don't even tell me I have been well I I believe she's she's getting treatment I have to look it up and have the story right can tell you exactly what she's doing what she does a lot of of she does a lot of natural medicine yeah what's your story you did okay you know yeah yeah which is sad and it makes me wonder you know they do know there are certain genetic markers for breast cancer and clearly she has about fighting it three times it has to change how you how you look at the world John thank you appreciate you kicking it off forces get one more in here let's go to another John this is John in Norfolk Virginia listening and W. N. I. S. Hey John good morning would you want to know you know and there's some I like to add to that yes this becomes normal and people are getting the staff because you know people panic over anything yeah the water back on the day and the other thing you brought up was service companies in certain government agencies and other things I have information that they really shouldn't have been and would you be the client something just because you have a marker because I would imagine since the dawn of time people have had genetic markers but never develop in the anything it was just there but it never it never did anything so how many people throughout history who had the markets that dementia are cancer anything and they never it never it never materialized I think people would I don't know people are kinda bulkers anyway nowadays people got these tests then they all believe that they were going to die soon what with people there I mean S. society what would we do people can't handle the fact that trump one so they had a thing about cancer what would they do yeah I I agree I think I think there are far too many people who would just check in and would would want to know I I just think it could be a spiral downward at where it comes to how you live your life I think it's fundamentally changes how you'd like to live your life now there are some people John who would say that that's good and thank you for the call John there's some people say that's good as great you would fundamentally change the way you live your life but if you already live your life for your smoking or drinking too much or or and or or abuse or something like that we change our life anyway as far as your habits to make yourself healthier so it shouldn't take a.

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