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Up. Yeah, I was just calling to let you know that your delivery will be there between nine and 10 on Saturday. Not having called Yo anybody. I didn't order anything. Okay, well, somebody gotta pay for getting all of you. Pressure. Then you're gonna die and somebody will be here to pay for these damn sandwich. Great bench. You You will pay for it. $1476. Don't let me bust you in the face with a foot long listen into her. She's called somebody. Snake or read before just visit. Oh, yeah. And you know what? And she don't give a damn about none of this Peter stuff she gonna continue to say trust that all right? You make you think he makes it is going down D J pick one is up in here. What a big one. Okay, Couple things first off. We got to say it first off. Thanks. God. It's ragged, though. Yes, he is. Friday. Pick one. All right. I'm a tease this music and then I got a question for you. So we're going to that future drink. Life is good. And I got that new so weedy feature and does a cat with best friend both coming up in this 92 minute commercial free Miki 50 mics. Okay, so through the years I've adopted goat mouth, right. So what is this? That aren't for that s so what's the substitution gonna be? Because I used it in such a wide. No man. Many teeth, mouth, big mouth. Don't know saying like, you know, like What happens when we say somebody has horse teeth? We got to stop that, too. You know that saying horse face? Oh, my God. Big is gonna be a rough weekend. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, but you know what, man? Let's finish up what we're doing here, okay? And then we'll do like a group call later on, even if we want to do soon, so everybody could see how real it is in our faces well as the neighborhood and we'll figure out I'll get the picket signs ready? Hey, do that. I don't know why we needed that right way. Need picket signs for But you know if you wanna do it, please, please. I mean, every extra words that come out your mouth to stop somebody from getting $1000. Thank God for that. Thank you. Yeah, we'll get some pliers. By the morning Now, Rose be bringing him along here. All right. Okay. Well, listen, we got $1000.

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