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On six ten W. E. N. all right stand by just a couple of minutes full standard the horseshoe pretty unlikely this year Chris Spielman will join me for more on that in just a couple of minutes literally in about three or four minutes so there are some of the station again from ABC six fox twenty eight with me as well and they started talking about the you know the some guidelines we're getting guideline to death by the way I mean Sir that's just the way that I guess the world we live in right now to talk about Ohio campgrounds reopening I guess one of the biggest ones is you have to have a reservation to that that's actually required and for you know in a camper to reserving spaces and all of that you know I I didn't think this is really any different than before that the way that this went but I guess there are campsites where you can kind of just drive up and if they have something available they let you in or lets you kind of you know set up shop I guess I would have assumed the same issue that this would be it's been a few years since I've camped but I would assume that those reservations would have been a key component to the weekend planning and making sure there was a space for you when you show up with all your gear I mean let's be honest you come with a lot of accoutrements as my co anchor Bob Kendrick with second when you are showing up to camp you got a lot of stuff for you you want to make sure you have a spot so that surprises me but yeah I think the reservations I think we're gonna hear more about the reservations when it comes to the polls opening up this summer reservations are gonna be part of that as well restrooms shower houses are going to be limited I'm hearing one shower every third day they're going to let you do it now on making that part of my face not that guidelines well your that on a big sign only one shower every third day just know that when you camp at our campgrounds bring a lot of the over it with you and gives a perfume and the voice of the truly oil right exactly so yeah that's the way it's going to go just kind of in a nutshell that's really what it is so campgrounds officially opened starting today your ABC six first warning weather chief meteorologist Marshall make peak is joining us now all stations you didn't do your normal she can't she's not going to be able to hear him because they're both in the same mix mine that's it's just you but you didn't tell me that it normally should how is a shower every third day different from working at home anyway this is truth you just out of all of us Marshall wow you know actually this point all you do is just go stand outside for a little while you're right off while also it has been really wet again today but we're just going to start seeing some improvement after this scattered showers out there now some of those are partly across Franklin County stretch down thirty three toward Athens some of that also weapon the Knox County and Delaware County Marion outscored New lax it's all over the place we're going to see some showers for tonight a low down to fifty six degrees Friday eight seventy three I think we're gonna see some sunshine during the day on Friday the showers will be a little more isolated and then on Saturday because by then we're into the holiday weekend partly cloudy there's an isolated shower possible high near eighty degrees humid on Sunday with a high of eighty four and Memorial Day Monday another eighty four humid and a chance for a shower Larry Marshall thank you so much sixty one boy the son just popped out just now eighty four and muggy all on love it I'm ready eighty four muggy goodbye me goodbye me full stands at the horseshoe unlikely this fall and I got a sneaking suspicion somebody that's waiting on the line here actually might have a little bit of information about this or at least a thought or two Chris Spielman Chris welcome to the mark blazer show man for the first time thanks for coming on brother thank you for having me so what are your thoughts about this I mean I don't know if you actually saw the article but Jean Smith saying that you know from a hundred thousand fans would actually be closer to twenty twenty two thousand fans I mean something better than nothing I guess in this situation right well I think you have to go by whatever to stay rules are protocol in err on the side of caution.

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