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I definitely can imagine a version when i hear you know combination of live action and animated i worry that it's like kids are playing a video game and then the characters leap out of the screen and come to life you know that's that's one of those ones i'm like that's hard to pull off and not be terrible but i i agree with you like the the structure is there the world is there to have a fun kuol incredible style adventure you know i think there there's a fun animated adventure with those bad guys and the combination of technology and speed and the way that an action sequence can be done in cg in these animated movies now i think i think there's a version that's good i just don't know how the live action foreign move on i think we skipped somebody else giving their take of the mood i was i give him an out i would first i'm not going to let that that we're going to complete this conversation the i have a really dumb idea that i think that everyone's going to hate but also anyways i would love to see this film more to be like a pixar film where we have a young hedgehog we have a young demonic you know i'd love to see robot in his early twenties working at a factory and trying to like become this mad scientists and kind of have this we're dynamic where sonic and robotic actually used to be friends or there used to be a thing where they would complement each other so that when this betrayal happens we have these characters cone this arc of a journey where it's justified their versus each other in their world this kind of crumbling in in the midst of it and you know kind of kind of like a good pixar kind of vibe bought however this is live action and animation so my ideas just really dum in general but that's so catholic i love it i love it young it that.

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