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One thing that I want a quick Taco before we obviously get to a probably just as big news is what this means for the knights future but the to stick with winner for a little bit more here. One thing that I also. Thought was interesting is US Kelly. And kind of fair question a basically how do you think lenders GonNa hold up throughout the term of this deal because most contracts that players sign some great when they initially signed it's obviously a big deal. It's a huge day. The team's excited the players excited most fans get excited end. Still there are plenty of deals that people feel that way about the don't turn. Out that well, and so obviously, the thing to say about winter is not that he's all going to fall off a cliff but that goaltending is a very volatile position as the night's have learned in just their three years of existence in terms of the guy who were talk about in a second here who was on top of the world a two seasons ago, and now might be on his way out. Until the nights are you know committing to a fair amount of term here with a five year deal in their committing to winner throughout his? Early thirties basically, the deal should expire when he is around thirty four does have a modified no-trade causes should also be noted in there basically you know you ask Dave. Kalama criminal why he felt confident Leonard? Could? Hold up through the steal you do you feel it kind of mccrum gave a good enough answer that should assuage any concerns that fans might have about this. Yeah I'm glad you understood my clumsy question not sure Kelly mckerman did but he gave a good answer. I gave you know kind of the answer of they feel he's in his prime that they're that this is the you know the years that they want him in that these these should be his peak years you know which I mean if you're gonNA compare. So part of the question that I asked in in in part of why did A. Little bit of context for the listeners is when Marc Andre Fleury signed his extension George mcphee made a comment. About Marc. Andre Fleury. and. Why they felt like he could hold up you know going forward after age thirty five, which is kind of the age that. You know a lot of goaltender seemed to decline at and George mcphee's answer was that Marc Andre Fleury was athletic. You know. kind of mobile goaltender versus what he called his a big lumbering. Hit me tender. And at least on the surface, Robin Lehner would seem to be the latter I'm certainly maybe not call lumbering. Big Man can move right when he wants when he wants. Right but he is a bigger, you know sit back in the crease kind of hit me goaltender, and so you know in my mind it's kind of like okay well. You're sort of. The goaltenders that you don't necessarily think can hold up Kalama crimmins response was in a fair one that that Rob Robin Leonard hasn't really had injury concerns as you know had polls in strains in in those sorts of things in. If you go through his record, you know I would say that's a fair response. So I. Mean. He's had timeshares in and he was in a split situation. Obviously. in new. York. Where where he wasn't playing, you know fifty something games. We'll see what he does. You know if the know knock on wood, there's eighty two game season or something like that, and you know if he gets sade two thirds of the start Sir or somewhere in that neighborhood, how is he going to hold up how will healed up over a couple of years? Of doing that because he hasn't done that yet I. Think I think it's two years. Of His career let me check real quick here. One two. Yeah. Two years in his career these played more than fifty games. So it's gotta be something. He's got to prove a little bit. You know if that ends up being the case because I guess dealer thing to, and maybe we'll segue transition is. Don't know necessarily what's going to happen with Marc Andre Fleury would. Seem. To point his exit in. I don't think Kelly and didn't anything necessarily today. Maybe, you can correct me if I'm wrong I don't remember him really saying, Hey, he might stay. So. All that being considered in whatever. You know we we don't know I. Mean maybe the. Maybe, Robin Leonard does play half the Games Mark Andre flurries here like. You know and then maybe that. Eases the workload. Will find out. The acid transition into kind of the next big question that comes out of the owner extension because we've talked about this deal for a while on this podcast, it was long rumored off reported than finally became official today, Saturday October third, and it makes sense as we've already talked about for a lot of reasons in terms of a Leonard, being a, you know in to use the words of gold coach Pete Barr in elite goaltender who you know is certainly going to be at the top of the free agent Heap in getting him at five million dollars certainly. Aren't overpaying to retain robin lender. Who they might be overpaying, of course would be their backup in the playoffs in potentially moving forward in that is, of course, face the franchise. Marc Andre Fleury flurries making seven million dollars against the cap for the next two seasons that's tied for the fourth highest goaltenders. The combined cap hit remark Andre Flooring Robin winners, twelve million dollars. That is the second most among kind of a goaltending tandem in the NHL only the Montreal. Canadians are going to spend more on their netminders next season, and they have jake, Allen on an expiring deal. So even though they're setup is more expensive, it's expensive for just one more year whereas the nights potentially have Leonard Flurry contracts for two more years We've talked about this kind of Ad Nauseam now that the off season is upon us that setup. Is, kind of problematic for the nights. It's really nice in theory to think about Oh, man, they could have one of the best goaltending Duos in the league, but it really limits their flexibility everywhere else Crimin- to kind of point you made earlier he did say that keeping both winter and Marc Andre Fleury is an option. But as we've discussed a lot, it's not a great option because of flexibility you know I was talking about the nights now have less than one million dollars in cap space If you go by CAP friendly I believe it's around eight hundred thousand dollars in cap space in total heading into next season. So we're talking about. Under those conditions, you could not re-sign Chandler. Stevenson. Resigned cousins, you couldn't even call up a cody glass..

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