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Commendable that you did not sensationalize the darkness of his life. You guys you, you and your fellow filmmaker. Peter really did celebrate the man, and I thought that was interesting, and I think is that what eventually led people to to be convinced to be part of the documentary? Yes, correct. I think I think you know, as soon as we started to interview some people, they would. They would talk to other people, you know, it's still a small world, the fashion world in in in England and in London, and people that have actually met and what was he had a very close circle and we have met qualified people which actually ended up not wanting to be filmed, but still they were very, very generous with their time. In the end of the day, we do feel that we've interviewed all of the right people and the way we created the family crafted every single to to be almost a cactus within the film with Spicer role, explaining something about live for the audience to understand and bring a certain amount of emotion. It really did come across that way to the viewer. As well. Was there a big takeaway or piece of advice that you took from talking to Alexander mcqueen's inner circle that you used while making your documentary? I think you know, I mean over older the the main thing I think is you know, we have to be very careful. You know, in the creative industry, the the demands on the on the creative people. You know, you don't set out as a creative person to become a massive brand. You might work at it and you might wanna be successful and and be recognizable. But sometimes things go out hands but not purposely, there's no one actually making it go out. It's just become too big and I ever to suspend that these that you've created. And I think that's one thing that Lee struggled with law is just created something bigger than than my could be. So I think as a creative person, you've just got to be careful to find the right balance with you life and being able to protect yourself and protect your core of you all. Yeah, I had read that people's initial reluctance to be. Part of the documentary had partly due in some cases with people say, we don't want lead to look like a victim because the person who put the most pressure on him was himself. Where did that pressure come from? I think you have to understand with Lee is humble background, you, you don't. If you get a chance to be successful in life, you take it. You never stop working, really hard. You know, you don't have many chances when you come from vibe by unbel- working class by grant in the UK. I think that idea of trying to push himself to be successful. When does success yet at ten to success, there was no way it was going to walk away from me to lend do nothing. Sure. I think the pressure can from in I, you know, it's very interesting you you portray his early life and he really was a struggling artist. You show how he makes some art from the designs that have Saran wrap and garbage bags and other things in it. You talk about how it ten pounds. Lee could almost make an entire show. He was very creative and crafty within his, his very meagre means and he became one of the biggest designers of his time. What a, what a transition that must've been. It could not have been easy. How did that transition affect him? Being the intensity of having to reach commercial success became a bit too much. You know, you have to sell more and more and you have to create more and more collection. And if that Lee while he was in Paris, kept on working his own brand, so we have to brand to provide to integrate for. So I think that was almost too much but at the same time, so commendable in so admirable. You know, we never wanted to let Alexander McQueen ease on brand die and use us on salary from Japan she to to sustain these Brandon. I think, sadly with the ending the happen. But when you look at his very inspiring, always didn't want to sell his soul into somebody else's business. He wanted his own business. He's on name to be successful. Yeah, you know, you talk about the sort of the sad ending..

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