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So right now, raiders fans every single week isn't just about Windsor losses. I just mentioned what it's about for Baker Mayfield the raiders. I think every single week is about looking at it and asking yourself. The question will Derek Carr be your quarterback next year because I'm not sure everybody knows the answer to that. The next game up was Jags at Cowboys. Maybe that's why I'm so mad at Jalen Ramsey the Jags were two point favorite. I thought they would win. I lost this one. Statement win for the Cowboys. And look, we have to admit that the NFC east is wide open right now. That's such a huge piece of what we will continue to look at weaken weak out is the NFC. East does not look particularly good to Cowboys. Finally have an offense of explosion, although let it be seen when you look at the stat line that while Dak was officiant Dak Prescott had an a fishing game, I would not call Prescott a great quarterback at this point still. I think he will be alive -bility for the Cowboys as the season continues to go forward. But this is one of those moments where the Jags are going to quickly have to figure out or turn things around. They now have a losing streak. Speaking of turning things around the ravens played in Nashville where two point favorite I told you the titans would lose the bet, and I won. And the titans have to figure something out. Big again, this comes down to quarterbacks, right? Mario, there's gonna be a difficult decision for the titans right now and the titans put up nothing. They put up a goose egg and the wheels have fallen off on that in a game where they allowed eleven sacks and a game where you allow eleven sacks. There's a lot of blame to go around. Health is an issue for this offense of line. Obviously, it's large issue for this offense of line for the titans. I wanna blame health for part of it, but you have to also when you when you give up eleven sacks. We have to blame coaching right putting you guys in the right situation helping guys when they need help. And you also have to blame your quarterback. At some point, he gotta get out of place. You got to figure a way out and that's what you have to ask of a quarterback that's going to be asking for thirty million dollars a year come next year. That's the the range that some things that Marcus mariota will find himself in the twenty five to thirty million dollar range. Twenty five to thirty million dollar quarterback should not get his butt. Whoop like that by Joe flacco. The titans are in an interesting moment where they're going to have to find their own identity and quickly turn it. Around and the last game of the week. And the reason I blamed Sarah for me only being three and to the bears are dolphins. The bears were two point favorite. This is the game. I was the most confident about told you the dolphins would lose the bet I thought the bears will kill them and I lost inexcusable meltdown. Brock Tober Brock Osweiler he brought on I, I could go on all day with these Bracha. Brock comes in, gets a big win, and it's really a stunning moment for bears, Pash rush that was rested and should have been able to feast on the dolphins, didn't get it done. The dolphins, the dolphins, come back in the bears collapsed. And this is one of those games that you're just gonna have to feel like somehow the bears put it behind him, but coming off the mini by and melting down that way against Miami inexcusable. I can only imagine that Sarah was livid, but not as limit as I was because four and one feels so much better than three and two. I am now though, sixteen wins thirteen losses to push his separating myself away from five hundred getting further and further ahead. Ed. So I feel pretty good about it fits flops. If you're new to it, we give them out every single Friday, five games. You can hear it on the show every week. We're back tomorrow actually at a different time. Check this out guys, three to four pm eastern Seren. I will be on ESPN radio to lead you into major league baseball playoffs. So three to four pm eastern, we will be on radio tomorrow to lead you in to the playoffs. Red Sox Astros game three followed by game four for the brewers dodgers.

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