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The line of scrimmage now goes in motion of the right and back to the left the young straight backdrop what path what plan what you want to who had to come out and try to catch up with them and never had a chance no way no way would he have a chance on at the inside linebacker trying to cover waters on a swing pattern out in a flat price ran a post pattern Jones on its side ran a post pattern waters wide open we are halfway and Ricky your candidate at the game he's going this way as the player of the game he's got two touchdown catches today also has five or young has a had a great game when you think about it they've all been touchdown passes got foreign holy smokes four touchdown passes were in the first half hi this is sid Luckman with there is Doug Bryant with the extra point tickets up and it's good in San Francisco takes the twenty eight to seven lead by four forty four to go here in the first half you know we all thought that the possibility with their the charges could compete but they can't fall behind any worse than this they are a second half team but this is about the outlook yeah and they're not the kind of team that's going to make a whole lot of points they stayed pretty close to both Miami and Pittsburgh in those games they didn't fall this far behind your member into Pittsburgh and they only had two big plays one was a long scoring play to professional and then the other one was a long played a Martin so really only had two big offense he plays in a game against Pittsburgh already here twenty eight to seven we're going to need for five to get back on it was a nine play fifty one yard drive by the forty nine looking at the super bowl record for most touchdown passes ever thrown in a game was by a guy by the name of Joe Montana the last forty hundred Super Bowl victory when they beat the Denver Broncos fifty five to ten and so already young has tied second place with Terry Bradshaw Doug Williams of the wall had four touchdown game well he's already eliminated most of those Joe Montana demons with display this year the quarterback rankings the second time he won the player of the year only Montana done that before so a lot of that being eliminated with Steve spectacular season the only last week that when he won the MVP two years ago he knew that he had a long ways to improve any ads Goldman takes the kick off of the five for the Chargers comes in the middle of the field and goes to his left to the twenty and he only gets out to the twenty five yard line disease at first by Darren Jordan and Troy Wilson Chargers now we'll go on offense and they'll have for thirty four to get back and go down on their control drives user natron means although they're in a running set up here now I formation they begin at the twenty five yard line is to put a lines up ahead of natron with two receivers out to the right side to give it a try to try to counter back elected civic Donald sees it remember most of the defense joining him they bring it down fast another thing when they got to deal with this at their runners don't break their biggest run of the year by nature on twenty five yeah right you're not a big play team four twelve to go here in the second quarter that was a two yard gain San Diego really need something else by halftime thirty eight to seven margin not to the right side conjoined Jefferson against Dion Sanders natron in the backfield and out to the left mark say Eric Davis going with him as he goes in motion back to the lab offers backpedaling QuickPass throws it quickly gets a receiver and shouldn't say as all the way out to the forty five yard line before he's brought down mark makes a nice play lead what all makes the tackle wondered what some pressure on him a plumber was in great shape to make the tackle on say but he missed it it would have been a short gain but say you got inside of him and former miss a tackle you think mark say was in the courtroom the way got real this week on the shooting you're so several years ago when he was such a hero to save his niece but people want to know why he was in the room what time of day it happened it was incredible watch over the radio I was an eighteen yard playing natron ana refers gets a Shawn Jefferson he breaks up field in the fifty he's down to the forty seven Anna finally a tackle by Martin with a forty six yard line of San Francisco and looks like it should be a first down it is the Ricky Jackson did a good job the veteran saw that rivers coming back towards him all the way he did make the planet they made Jefferson turned it back up inside and that that helps on even though Jefferson picked up quite a bit he artists but Ricky Jackson with a good play staying on his feet and turning that back in eleven yard play by Jefferson first and ten down at the forty six two and a half minutes ago to halftime not to the right side goes Tony Martin two receivers of the lap I'm free setting up the middle screen gets a to be enemies wait for the left side the twenty fifteen thirteen this will be for McConnell faces a lot of now is the middle screen you don't see that very often in the National Football League that was a screen but they threw it over the middle just a little don't pass by Humphries to be enemy who is tough to see for the linebackers you drop back in pass coverage as a linebacker you look back near looking for the passer and you don't see a guy like the enemy use about five nine and why I have often wondered why this guy's guy doesn't get the ball more don't even five ninety five seven ninety eight pounds he can play thirty three yard play conferees play fake rolls left looks down field throws that ends on it it's not their way from Tony Martin by Eric Davis incomplete right now this is a plus for the forty nine three of the two minute warning right here believe that it be a plus for the Niners of they could hold San Diego to three at this point two minute warning twenty eight seven San Francisco back after this were back at Joe Robbie stadium with two minutes to go to halftime the San Diego Chargers trying to get this game close before an image of a trail right now by a score of twenty one to seven do what they can do if they come up to the line of scrimmage with a second out of ten of the thirteen yard line Republican reform here Tony Martin goes out to the near side cover by Eric Davis have a slot receiver in the Pune motion to that side as well I'm sorry Sir I'm running out of trouble goes back the other way related to the ball diving board and he couldn't hold on by Merton Hanks but say made a spectacular after throwing his body thrown into the end zone left corner and could not hold on yeah it's a great effort by mark saying pretty good throw by Humphrey to look for a minute like he was just trying to throw it away same way back the other way on that one one he handed in his arms wide and just put twenty eight the seven as we go to third in ten of the thirteen yard line up three straight backdrop get some backside pressure drills it across the middle pick Donald knocked it away from the border with the five incomplete under some pressure that time by the forty Niners check this out when they bring in field goal team fourth down they're going to settle for the field goal time I guess so I guess when it's more than ten minutes ago that's really too vigorous look what time on the clock the one forty eight I know that's a magic number for San Francisco so here's the best field goal kicker in this league right now thirty four out of thirty eight the regular season John Carney we'll try a thirty one yarder from the left hash mark here's the snap to kick it up a snap by the way from pals David Boone is god it is now twenty eight to ten in favor of San Francisco with a minute forty four to go until intermission your tune that K..

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