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The focus to the mighty seven fifty boyer trucks we keep the movie one you have been listening to suit fall storm football ponkilla news talk and we have one minute left the owner founder derozan a rattlers had the ball at the eleven yard lie they have to advance the ball otherwise the clock will stop so socal look at under center monroe is in the backhoe behind it and also left fly they'll go of fake option and so go to the right side he just got it that's the football the clock will stop and that's exactly what the official there they're eight four second tonight will start again until a sample of our big job done thereby by tyler night federal in that situation and wife barbara schwartz hanke distill forward instead of running back that's a another stairs rule but she's given the sewer a shot ulanov charter its third doubt it is third doubt however give arizona does not advance and get a first down appeal goal would make it an interesting spinning handson goes the monroe his horsepower down he did not get to the line of other stops again and it's a sex life ballgame if the rattlers what kick afield goal that would make it a to put session ballgame and only fifty.

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