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Was a very edit. Welcome back to the ninety six podcast. It's Me Rob Sorry I've been really busy. got a lot going on That's why this episode is late. It might be a little bit shorter. Yeah I mean it's the New Year so I'll let you guys know I've been living in Germany now for since two thousand fifteen. This time I've lived here. You know a bunch of other times in the past But I got a new job so I'm going to move back to the US. I'm at the end of January. So you know it's pretty quick Found out like a couple of days after new years that That I got accepted for the position. So I m going to be moving to Texas San Antonio specifically typically You know I kinda got a lot of stuff going on right now. Committed to the podcast but You know you know there's still life stuff happening so Just had a lot of stuff I had to take care of. So that's why this episode is going to be late You know over the next course of probably the next two the three months there might be you know a week or two where I have to shift the podcast. Because I'll be traveling or you know getting set up in my new location mm-hmm but just keep in mind that I am absolutely committed to this podcast. I was not my intention to to have this episode late but stuff happens I had to take care of some stuff with my wife On Monday and I plan on recording podcasts. We'd go up to you know to Frankfurt Here in Germany and and I plan on recording the podcast in the car on the way back but It wasn't able to because the drive and you know it just it would have been weird trying to record and drive at at the same time and you know my wife was falling asleep on the way back and Yada Yada but Yeah just won't let you guys know that so obviously you know moving back to the US. It's not going to change You know me watching you know the European Leagues but I will probably be watching a lot more. MLS Actually I probably watch more of the Mexican League as well as I mentioned him. Any move into San Antonio everybody knows the San Antonio really only has has one major sports team they have the the San Antonio Spurs Austin Texas isn't too far away and not this upcoming coming season but the twenty twenty one season Austin we'll be getting a An MLS team Austin F C So so you know. We'll see how that goes to be cool to be able to go check them out their first year in the MLS have meant to an MLS game probably since two thousand fourteen probably Yeah but I'm GonNa Miss You know being here in Europe. I don't plan plan on being away for too long couple years but This is going to break my streak. I mentioned probably like the first episode. So the PODCAST. I had been in Europe for every European Championship since two thousand and I expect that fully expected to still be here for this one But it's not going to be the case I'm actually going to be in the US in Texas Watching the boroughs from from the from the US so It also sucks. Because for Christmas I got a a ticket to go see cigar. Play Escobar Owl. That won't be when it's that I think the in thing it's next month. Yeah it's on the eighth. I'm going to be leaving here like right around the end of January someone a mistake game by a week week and a half but like I said it's not GonNa Change how I approach. The game is just going to change my time zone and my location. I'm going to be the central time zone of the US which is what seven hours from from Central European time So I'll just have to wake up early. You know to watch some of the games kind of like the guys over at soccer stupid stupid there in California. They have to get up stupid early to to watch the EPL games that they cover you know. Watch Liverpool Man City like they like take or recorded her DVR so Do people still use. DVR Now this Oh they call it. I don't even know I. I don't know I've been a way for that regardless but I'll be recording games Still checking out all the league's that interest me definitely champions Amis league rope a League Bundesliga and the other four big leagues here in Europe. So yeah it's a pretty huge change but I am definitely looking forward to it and like I said just bear with me. There may be some times when the podcast will be daily or may have to day or two late or or I may have to just cancel when for a week you know based on what's going on so I just want to let you guys know that now onto the football this is probably like one of my least favorite times of the year right after the New Year because there is no Bundesliga happening so you know. There's a bunch of transfer rumors and you know this that and the other and you know soccer life is football. Life is pretty quiet here in in Germany. You know the teams are playing friendlies and you know they're meaningless friendlies halftime you can find the results for unless you know exactly where to look. Look Likes to purchase played Basel the other day. I didn't look at the results because I still want to watch the game Yeah so it's just it's just really quiet and because of all the transfer stuff is going on now. You know That that's one of the disadvantages. I think that the Bundesliga has I mean. I think it's great for the players. They get that that additional month off Be Able to to rest up and you know they come back pretty fresh they get data somewhat avoid the the colder weather. Even though here's to guard it's been pretty pretty decent Like today was you know. Thirteen degrees Celsius which is pretty nice. I mean it hasn't snowed here yet. I can't speak for some of the other parts of Germany but His definitely good. I do think that February those probably GonNa be a lot colder than it is right now and the players have to deal with that. It's been a long time the that I've known here in Germany at least had to cancel a game Do the snow. You know they do bring out the orange ball once in a while. But I've never that I can remember I've never seen them Cancel or postpone a match because of weather here in Germany So yeah so waiting for The Bundesliga to star backup. Unfortunately I will be able to well. I guess it's fortunately I'll be able to watch Stu Guards next match while I'm still here And I'm going to have to figure out once it gets to the. US how to how to watch you know all my Bundesliga matches and everything else not only sleet but you know Syria premier-league Lolita and league Yeah I don't know we'll figure it out but okay so one of the big matches that I haven't talked about 'cause canete few days off was The Spanish supercup and in Barcelona failing to make it to the final of that you know everybody thought we're going to class ago final I know that's what I was expecting. But they they weren't able to get past Athletico Madrid trid so set up an all Madrid. Final Madrid Darby for the Spanish supercup And then and Edens the Dan. I mean the guys. I don't know if you can necessarily Tim. You can't really say that it's not him but He just has a way to to win finals once he reaches them. You know I don't know what the official stats are but He I think he's undefeated in finals. That he's made it to so suspended supercup. Technically you know. It's like a made up additional a level with the the semi-final instead of just having the winners of the league versus winners the Copa Del Rey. They added two additional teams to make it a mini tournament. You know mainly because they can get you know additional money from the Saudi's or however however But it's still final deserves a semi-final and even though the game ended zero zero Real Madrid was able to win four one on penalties. And you know bring home another trophy to to the Bernabeu so Greta them. I mean in the beginning of the season early on I mean. It seemed like they were were definitely struggling. They were still missing Rinaldo But now you know I mean there's you know the top two in the league in their excuse me. I mean. They're back to to where they were. You know they had a bad start but You know I mean it's trophy trophy the trophy. So they're still in the running to win Ligo or to compete for the League So Don doing his thing. I mean we'll see how they do in the the The Champions League and the Copa Del Rey but Right now I mean they're they're doing quite well Next up uh-huh Sergio Guerrero He now has a hundred seventy seven goals in the premier league. Which is insane? It's ridiculous hunting goals And he broke the record so he has the record now for the most amount of goals scored by a foreign player in the EPL. He had a hat trick against INSA Ashton Villa and he's able to score one hundred seventy seven goals in only two hundred fifty five Appearances which is this is very impressive. I mean that's that's extremely impressive. It's funny though because I was looking in I've never heard another league really talk about foreign players performing Weller setting records in their leagues I I guess they pl is different. Maybe because the news at I'm reading about. EPL Is always in English. You know. Sometimes I'm reading. You know German news or German football news. It's in German I guess I don't always get you know what exactly the authors trying to say or maybe I'm just not searching for the right things but I've never really heard some of the other leagues talk about foreign players in the records that they said or how well they've done except for the Premier League But no congrats to him. Hopefully they can You know improve on their season Man City that is But yeah congratulations to Sergio girl he's The you the best foreign player to ever play in Well as far as goals go to play in the Let's see what else we got Barcelona. I mean they're. They're on topple alita yet. They decided to sack Valverde I guess it's not making it to the final of the supercup Like I said something to do with it. But if you think about if they hadn't changed that format.

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