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Coulter. House. Democrats want answers about the White House process for granting security clearances after a whistle blower said two dozen people got clearances who shouldn't have CBS's. Major Garrett has more White House whistle blower named Trish Newbold complained that twenty twenty-five officials were granted security clearances despite disqualifying issues raised by herself and other career officials in an interview with committee staff nine days ago, Newbold said she came forward because she could not sit back knowing that the issues that we have could impact national security, the security concerns included potential foreign influence, drug use and criminal conduct. A second woman is accusing former vice president Joe Biden of inappropriate touching CBS's. Elaine key, Hano said the incident happened in Greenwich, Connecticut, a decade ago, the Hartford current report. It's a former aide to Connecticut, congressman Jim Himes claims by being grabbed her by the head at a fundraiser in two thousand nine and quote, put his hand around my neck and pulled me into rub noses with me when he was pulling me in. I thought he was going to kiss me on the mouth Biden said he never thought he acted inappropriately. But he is listening after warning he could shut down the southern border this way. President Trump is taking more steps to curb the number of migrants seeking asylum. More than seven hundred customs and border agents are being searched the border CBS's Manuel. Bojorquez says the economy could take a hit if the borders closed trade between Mexico and taxes here along the Paso Border crossing alone. Total more than eighty billion dollars last year and thousands of people process to go to work every day. Protesters took to the streets in Chicago demanding the removal of state's attorney Kim FOX over the dropping of all charges in the Jesse small. Case Kevin Graham is head of the city's police union..

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