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Loki talked a lot about his childhood and his mother and silvy offered up very little about herself says that she taught herself magic says that she knew she was adopted after incredible. Is that a bit of a spoiler for you. Sorry about that line but when he asked about her mother she says i barely remember the blips of dream at this point and she even notes at one point that low key my offering up all this information has given her a tactical advantage. Something that she is clearly seeking to avoid providing intern. So we're obviously going to get more. We are going to learn more about where sylvia came from what parallels are between sylvia's upbringing and low keys and what distinctions there are in all of those things are ultimately illuminating when the local variants share these parallels with each other and when they're different all of those ultimately serve as mirrors for these characters. Because they can understand something better about themselves either way in anything in between and as we unravel what sivvy's plan is ultimately and what what she knows about the ta that little clip of showing a child silvy Get what we're assuming as a child. Sylvie i think could be instructive in that way because it has to. What she knows. Fundamentally has to be something that an eight year old could see and understand no to run from. If that's kind of the point where as you said. She's been running her whole life is it has been running her whole life since she was ten or since she was fifty like that can mean a lot of different things. But i think the kernel of truth. Whatever she's operating from has to be something so clear and fundamental in terms of indicting. What the tv a isn't does that. Even at that age she would not run from it. Did you think it was at all strange. That sylvie would know as much about the tv as she does. Not hide out in. The apocalypse is not to collect these reset charges. And what they do and then not know that her magic wouldn't work inside of the tv facility. Did that seem odd. Your does that actually support what you just said. Which is maybe everything that sylvia's been collecting since that first moment side of the tv where she was brought in as a variant has come out in the field and only that initial response and however it latched onto her and guided her. Moving forward came from actually being there in the complex. It is a little weird that for someone who again is so meticulous. This is this is type a low-key were talking about that. She would never open a portal and kind of poker head in. Nc what the tv is like the fact that it would be that new to her where she wouldn't understand the rules and conditions. There is little surprising. But i also wonder is her plan changing. What do you think our plan is like was bombing the sacred time. Line as it seems to this point specifically to get everybody out in the field and create the diversion so that she could penetrate the make her way to those golden elevators and find the timekeeper. That's what it seems like so far so that seems to be we buy that. Do we think that we know that she's not interested in enrolling tv. That stated is she looking to kill the timekeepers destroy the sacred time line on spoil the chaos that their order is definitional constricting. Because it feels to me.

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