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Oh how cool. They're filming it in Chicago. I don't know why they're just like the river. And there is one parking structure that looks like that one in Chicago. That's round anyone knows what talking about. I could have sworn it was that I could. I could be wrong. I guess you're probably more right than I am on this. It's your job to be the professional ice coming into much more embarrassing. If I'm wrong I have very little steaks in here. I've pretty much gotcha cemented myself. As a person who knows the least who somehow keeps getting invited back east artists. Well we'll make it at work so we're GONNA talk about episode two in the previous episode. We were introduced to if that was your first episode episode than you're introducing the concept of the game and as well as the cast the first eight people something that is somewhat unique about the circle in terms of. US reality shows it's much more common in the UK is that they're going to introduce those first eight people and then continued to add new people as they send some of the original people home. And so that's that's what we are eventually going to see toward the end of of this episode assode Yep Yep and see. I made an effort. Not I told you this before. We started recording. I did I purposely did did not watch episode three and four. 'cause I WANNA get confused. At least I'm here now. It'll be like yeah. That is what happened in this episode where we stopped I I I have watched up until episode three at this point four. I'm recording two and three back tobacco. Luckily there's no elimination this episodes and nothing thing really big to anything accidentally spoiled myself on who gets eliminated in episode four by just going to media page. No who is on the season. That's that's you know. That's the issue with Netflix. To drop like this..

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