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Hi molly girts. And i'm julia prescott rally playing field the extra mile award at the log tape here. We are beautiful. You are wondering what happened to them. After the final podcast. This is where you find out Where we've been for the last ten years even though it's actually just one week after credits last burst of a scene tag in the marvel movie blah blah blah l. Jackson joke insert here. We're here from the other side. Why do i immediately go to. We have died and now we are goes. I think that in a way we have died away. You know we've we've been reborn as different. Podcast names where we've been phoenix. You rises from the ashes and now we reflect on all of the amazing time and how long it's been and where you're just going to go through a little nostalgia fast. Yeah and you know. Listen if you guys have listened to this podcast since the beginning you've heard us wax on about how much we love each other and how grateful we are for this podcast and all the projects that have come out of it like our book in all that fun stuff. You've heard us talk about it but you know what we're sentimental bitches we're going to check out again and had attitude mr. You need to calm down. Yeah i mean. I know we both feel this way. But i'd be remiss in not having this little epilogue moment because even though our last episode with guest matt freaking greening was pre. Pick a young upstart with a bright future ahead of him. I know the podcast started with us. Am baby it's going to end with us. So i love us book ending this not true book and but you know what i mean having this moment to kind of just have it be the people who make this show go around. We don't don't care about those guests really. We only care about each other very true. I have never cared about a guest. And i never will care about a guest. My only have care for julia. That's nice listeners. Yeah well since last week. Was our big epic matt greening episode any reflections alley on how that was received. There are a lot of people saying lovely things online. Not sure you saw any of it. I know you said i saw it. Yeah so much time had passed since we recorded it and when it was released and that is evident industry and shot that. I took us. Because i have mittens on in the dead of summer right now at the time of recording. My hairy weirdly is the same. I did that on purpose. Saying yeah met my. We're really yeah. They were saying best in the business and then and then parentheses. Allies hairs good to honorable mention as well. It feels like a very simpson's thing to add a parenthetical to accomplish exactly sense Yeah so we need. That map is going to be our final episode and we had always aspired to have on the show especially since the two of us in apparently have gotten to briefly had encounters with him and he's always been very favorable. It was always so funny to me. anytime run into him at like a simpson's thing I would say like oh. Hey how's it going. She's like. I'll do your podcast. One day i'll do it. I'll do it and it's just like i wasn't even going to say anything. But he but he. He knew he just knew that. It's kind of like. I think there's a level of just like i'm gonna get on the jim. I'm going to go to the gym. Duet going to do what's best for everybody. And do your fucking podcast. I don't remember who reflected on this in our little. Wrap up after interview. But i think both of us were just so happy about how long he wanted to chat and now you know it seems like he just had a really kind of fun experience for him getting to talk about the show and talk about his life and like talk about stuff in a way that maybe you know in the past has been a little irksome or overnight and it felt nice and exciting and It's a podcast that even if we were not the hosts i feel like i would love to listen to so the fact that we got to be the host of the show made it that much cooler and yeah it was really awesome. I'm really proud of our great need to. Yeah that was always the headline message when people asked like. Oh my god. Because we've course both posted being millennials We had to immediately go to instagram posts. A screen shot of us. Interviewing young upstart matt graining Months ago when it happened but when people ask me about it like how was that interview and you know what kind of stories whatever. My first headline comment was like. We were with him for three hours. Doesn't include an actual comment on my feeling about how it went but you to get that in like we were so eager to sit with him as long as possible. We would have gone on four or five six hours if he had requested ordered in. Some post mates figured it out. He was so generous with his time. And i think it's true to what you said. Allie of like. It's you know remarkable that he wanted to talk about his life and probably was happy to in that setting even if like you his tone was grievous in wanting to come on the podcast You know i. It was so great to have him. Just be there and providing all of those different stories that you don't you know we usually hear from him or have like a footnote in a wikipedia page. Kind of thing. Yeah and it was cool. Our first time that we learned that matt granting listens to our podcast at all was win. Nancy cartwright came on our show and told us that matt had like recommended doing our show and it that was like very much an exciting and cool moment that was probably like halfway through our run and it was just this really cool like wait. What like first of all. Nancy is going to do our show. And then you she heard about it from the guy. Yeah she heard about it from homer's dad that's crazy since then. He has said that it's been fun for him to listen to the podcast. Because you know he spent all of this time with so many of these writers of course but even he's hearing stories that he had never really gotten to here before from them which is a really cool thing in..

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